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  1. Have been a frequent customer of Exotic Fish for ...wow..a really long time (never really thought about it till now) Ray and Kev are absolut ledgends and the first people I speak to when I need something particular or advise. Always great to catch up with them.
  2. You can trim the cross braces in the legs to customise the width. I made mine 600 and then added an extra leg for the bottom level to make it 900. So I have 900 wide on the bottom and 600 on the top.
  3. Fishking knows his stuff. His fish are healthy, none stunted nor do they have bent spines. He has them set for pure breeding and not public display. The numbers he has in a tank is nothing compared to some other breeders and oversea breeding farms. I own 95 fronts of various types, i have them set for display/breeding and get reasonable results. In a 4x2x2 I have a small colony of 6 Burundi between 18-25cm 1m 5f. When I added the last female, the colony became a lot more peaceful, not as easily spooked and they all breed a lot more regularly.
  4. I was wondering what peoples thoughts are on Nitrate Reactors for fresh water systems. Might look at trying the Skimz NM152 Nitrate Reactor.
  5. Hey Brother,

    Security Mick here. I will be having a look at Kigoma's on sat, will let you know what they are like.

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