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  1. not the greatest of pics, but this is the male
  2. Hi everyone, Have had some dramas with HITH on both my Oscars over the last several months. The larger holes do not really seem to be getting worse, but during a black out tonight, i had the trusty iphone torch on while putting in a battery air pump and noticed just how bad it actually was so many smaller ones i had not previously noticed I'll be doing a 50% minimum water change tomorrow, removing AC from the filter (AquaOne Nautilus 2700), giving all trays a rinse out in tank water and re-testing all parameters. Last test showed: PH +/-7.2 Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate off the fkn scales!!!! Nitrate has never dropped below 40ppm for as long as i can remember - i dont know why, and water changes don't seem to make a difference to the reading oh and they've been laying every few weeks for a little over 7mths now so i didnt think it was effecting them toooo much??) took water samples to the LFS who got the same results i did (including Nitrate) and advised to make sure I'm using town water instead of tank water. diet: Hikari Cichlid Biogold+ every day frozen blood worms once or twice a week super worms - one / two a day each I've looked over the forum, and results generally indicate to increase water changes, adjust diet, use this chemical or that etc etc so... what i need to know is what are the best treatment options for HITH? what have people tried that has actually worked? (the condies crystals one scares me a little i have to admit!!) If anyone is up to speed on HITH treatments, please point me in the right direction here!! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!! cheers
  3. thanks [MENTION=5455]Donny[/MENTION] had forgotten about the 1:1 ration for heating temp currently sitting on 27.1, pretty much right where i want it to be guess Ill keep an eye on it overnight and go from there
  4. thanks everyone! considered getting a bigger heater, such as a Shogun 400w / 500w, or a Titan G2 500w ended up getting a second new aquaone thermosafe and popping that in the tank jager is sitting on the lounge for now until i work out what to do with it hopefully tank should start to come up in temp so i can relocate some fish into it **quick pic of tank - still not finished, will put a hood on later on when time permits**
  5. Hi everyone, What would you consider "sufficient" heating on a 6x2x2.5? Currently have 2x 300W heaters (1x Eheim Jager / 1x Aquaone Thermosafe) in there, but seems to be taking a helluva long time to warm up...
  6. cheers [MENTION=6895]lgw[/MENTION] i haven't seen any sign of the tubes so far, but will be keeping close watch on them
  7. ok, link to the video.... again, any comments / info / advice / input would be much appreciated!
  8. cheers @lgw, we enjoy having them in the house, kind of like puppies that wont piss all over the floor and eat out of the cats bowls! so anyway, fish have been cruising along nicely, playing happy families and generally getting along really well... until this afternoon took a video this afternoon of them either fighting for dominance or getting ready for breeding... I've checked across youtube, but cant really see much difference does anyone here have experience with Oscars that could have a look at this and give me some info / advice / input? cheers!! edit - will post video shortly, didnt work first time
  9. I'm not sure what it is [MENTION=16091]shellie[/MENTION] , but one of mine has exactly the same thing I haven't noticed any changes in behaviour or eating, and haven't made any note of it changing size / shape so I haven't been too concerned by it so far until I know what it is, I'll just keep watching and take action if anything changes will be interesting to see if anyone on here can point us in the right direction...
  10. thanks everyone!! think i'll go with a different tank in this case, id rather that little bit extra peace of mind... and a dry lounge room floor:beer:
  11. doing the same thing tomorrow but outside lol
  12. Hi everyone, Has anyone ever seen a tank built like this? Advantages / disadvantages? Have seen it full and running, just never seen one built like this before...
  13. Hi, unsure if this is the right section to post in, however, since it effects water quality, figured it was pretty safe. I just purchased a "new" second hand Aquaone Nautilus 2700UVC canister filter, which has been cleaned and sitting unused for a few months (according to seller) This filter is to be run in a 5x2x2 lightly stocked tank (2x 20cm Oscars / 1x 30cm featherfin), in addition to my current Aquaone Nautilus 2700. So my question is: would I be ok to set it up and let it cycle through as is while the first filter continues doing its thing, OR should i transfer some of the media from current filter into new one I suppose the basis of the question stems from wondering if the "new" filter will effect the current cycled filters operation in turn effecting the quality of the water, resulting in some sort of cycling spike any ideas, suggestions or comments appreciated!! cheers
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