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  1. I used one of these set ups for a while I only stopped when the regulator started having problems (cheapest out on it )
  2. Okay so I'm repurposing a more marine geared fixture that has a dead emitter on the blue string I'm thinking of just ordering a bunch of Cree diodes and adding more neutral whites and a few refs(660nm) Now both strings are completely dimable and controlled Here is a photo of the layout of said led's Now I'm looking to achieve a nice spectrum that covers as many basses as possable as this will be going over a semi hi tech planet tank and I'm looking for outside opinions and advice to improve on an already good product also knowing that one led shat itself at some point of it's life also anoys me but hey I can't argue considering the unit cost bugger all
  3. Yeah I don't have any big tanks just a few plastic tubs with lids haha
  4. Well I have glosso hair grass hygrophila and I forget the other plants name going well emersed atm Just have them sitting near a glass door that gets a few hours of sun a day There all growing well I check growth every once in a while lol
  5. Solonoid turned of at night and a few months I think didn't use it for long regulator shat a brick
  6. I'm waiting to see how it all grows in it's nice to see a tank that isn't overcrowded
  7. Regulator died and I'm back on a yeast sugar mix also rescaled to something a bit more pleasing and put in fresh substrate while I was at it
  8. Haha yeah Hc definatly grows better in fine substrates Eco complete isn't too bad I wouldn't mind giving it a good go at some point I had some going good in up aqua soil for a bit was filling in nicely then out of no where it just melted I think I just have up on hc after that
  9. Also that growth looks good compared to planting
  10. Don't fill it yet Let it fill in a bit more first Hc is a royal pain in the ass for coming unstuck
  11. That's fair haha I won't hold that against you lol
  12. Heard lots of pis dative things about the pro z Been thinking about putting one over my 2 foot
  13. Used to have a powerglo's in my last high light set up with c02 and that they deffs grow plants really well
  14. Who do you lot buy from atm I'd like somewhere more local if I can help it but otherwise I normally get stuff through aqua green I'm mainly chasing powder form and dosing ei atm Based bayside brisbane(manly wynnum lota area so anywhere that's close to there would be ideal as I don't drive places like fish chicks and pet city are inconvenient
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