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  1. uts

    thanks for the yellows,and snow white colonies nice quality

    1. JWoods


      Thanks mate, great to hear all went well and that you are happy with them. Cheers.

  2. PM sent. I have them and am local in Ormeau. Cheers
  3. At the moment, I only have F1 Burundis available in the 30-120mm range. I think we spoke the other day. Lloyd would be your best option as he will have some great ones available. Cheers
  4. If the 3 bigger trays are the same size as before, you wouldn't fit any more media in by adding 2 half trays. More likely less media as the new trays takes up more space. They are great filters though.
  5. I agree, Cobalts are awesome fish. I have changed a few types around over the years, but always kept my Cobalts. I even have 2 separate breeding colonies.
  6. More important than the litres per hour your pump is capable of is the amount of beneficial bacteria your filter media can accommodate and the bio load feed. Go for a good canister filter with marine pure and Seachem Matrix as media.
  7. I have a decent size colony of these. Selling 9 tomorrow to get the numbers and ratio I wanted to end up with. They seem to breed very male heavy spawns. Really nice and interesting fish, the Hippo's. I Should have some good fry coming through soon.
  8. Kusuri is very good and I regularly use it for African Cichlids and L-numbers. It does cost a bit when used on big volumes of water though.
  9. Rare....most of the fish I could source quite easily when I was young in Sweden are pipe dreams now. I had a big tank with Piranha Natteteris. But hey, the Aussie way of life and the climate is awesomely superior to Freezing Scandinavian winters :-)
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  11. Hikari would be good
  12. I believe Lloyd has his WC colony up for sale. Perfect for an 8x2x2.
  13. Holy moly, Donny. You are already up to 5k posts even though your first 10k were zeroed out with your new name. You are an informative legend, man!
  14. Welcome, I hope you like fish keeping as we'll not just fishing :-)
  15. Sorry to hear you lost so many fish in the move. I have heard good things about Livefish.com.au. Plenty of breeders would be happy to ship as well. perhaps put wtb ad on here and say what you are after.
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