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  1. i highly doubt that its illegal if it is then how would stores get driftwood to sell in the 1st place
  2. wow thats an amazing catfish if u havent already then buy it lol how much is it going to cost you there usually pretty expensive fish aren't they?
  3. Haha i wish i could lol i rent tho
  4. Would b a good idea cause theres alot of members on the goldie that would like to come so southside would be easier than northside for alot of us
  5. ok so im looking for an average price on a few l's like l018 or l177 how much are they usually worth? (didnt post this in live stock cause im not buying or selling just curious) thanks zac
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  7. wow i really want a pond like that lol
  8. gold coast pet centre sells them they always got lots of them
  9. so if im breeding convicts or guppys do i need plants in the tank?
  10. i started with a 2ft went to a 4ft soon to be a 5ft
  11. Well i dont have a heater in there atm cause im broke and i climatised the fish but i got no clue about the notrate and stuff
  12. I got a 2ft tank right and i think theres something wrong with the water quality atm ive got 4bns a few cherry shrimp and some feeders i brought last week and there all thriving but i put 2 small murray cods in there (seperatly) and they both died same day they went in the tank wuts rong?
  13. So ive got a 2ft tank atm can i just go down to my local lfs and get a breeding pair of convicts? And do i have to move my 4bns that i got in there atm?
  14. So with the convict fry do i have to move the parents out of the tank so the fry dont get eaten?
  15. K well looks like its convicts then how hard are they to breed easy as guppys? Or do i gotta make an effort lol
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