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  1. Update: The fungus type stuff cleared up over night and it started to look better. Then just when I thought it was better it dropped dead Also lost another one yesterday, it had no marks on it and appeared to be happy, swimming around the tank fine the day before. I have done tests to check the levels and everything is in tip top shape. The pH was a little bit low at 6.8, could this be the reason why they are dropping dead? The current temp I am running is 26. Any help would be greatly appreciated. All other fish appear to be fine at the moment. All are swimming fine and have been eating normally.
  2. Hi, One of my fish has come down with 3 small spots which look like white fluff. The spots are only 1-2mm across, with 2 occurring on the top of the head and one about half way down the body on the top side. It is a female Cyprichromis leptosoma, which I think may have recently had babies. Could it be stress related? What can/should I do to ensure it gets better?
  3. Thanks Brengun. I just did a water test before. The pH is sitting at at 7 so hopefully I will get mix of both
  4. Update time I had thought that all the eggs had been eaten as I came home one afternoon and they had all disappeared. Little did I know they had hatched and were hiding down in the cave. Today I was sitting at the table and happened to look over at the tank ... proud mum and dad had decided to showcase their family. They are so cute!!! There must be 40 or more.
  5. A bearded dragon or blue tongue would be cool. Mind you I think the start up cost of them might be pretty high. Bearded dragons have heaps of personally, each one has it's own character. Some really like hanging out with you and other are more the chill by themselves type. You will have to let us know what she ends up getting.
  6. Yay!! Finally my kribs have decided on a nice spot in the tank and laid a few eggs. Well over 50 I think, can't really see very well. So excited, I haven't had anything breed for me yet. Just thought I would share Hopefully I will have little swimmers in a few days time
  7. What Africans are you breeding JP? Your set up looks great!
  8. Your eel is very cool! Where did you get it from?
  9. Just wondering if common b/n would eat/disturb krib or multi fry? One of my b/n keep going near the shell the mulit's have chosen. The male multi chases it but the b/n keeps going back there. Should I remove the b/n?
  10. VegasMick: Yes I was thinking some tetras. I have another small 2ft tank that has a few guppies, 2 danios, a blue ram and 2 b/n in it. Probably add the b/n in the big tank but not sure about the others. And agreed the saums are awesome fish. DFF: Do you have any suggestions?
  11. Thanks for the suggestions Are there any Americans which can be kept in a tropical community? Are the severums a bit more placid then the saums? Or should I look into the smaller cichlids? I still have time to cancel my saum order if I need to.
  12. I was wondering if anyone could help me out. I have 4 Gold Saum on order and was wondering what other fish I could put them with for a community tank. They are only babies and I probably won't keep all of them to full grown as the tank is only 48"x18"x23". It have sand on the bottom with loads of rocks and 2 bits of driftwood. I was hoping to get a bit of variety into the tank and wondering what has worked well for others.
  13. Thank you I just wasn't sure as they didn't look like the photos I found on the net.
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