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  2. Hey all, i was adding some more plants to one of my tanks and realised that my Aquaone CF700 is running slowish (well not as fast as i would like) and the thought crossed my mind - can i somehow hook up an internal powerhead to either the inlet or outlet to make things pump faster? then i was thinking: - Should i leave canister filter on or off? - Where do i put powerhead? Intake or Outlet? - Is there something wrong with my filter? (Only cleaned not long ago) - Is there a limit as to the size of the powerhead i can put on? I am willing to give it all a go - but thought i would see if i could get some suggestions first........ Any info would be great - cheers Nick
  3. thanks heaps for that will write it in my diary, put it in my computer and phone, and inform my girlfriend! and make sure i dont have to work the next day
  4. hello, just realised i have missed the auction yesterday! very unhappy anyway in the locked thread named "dates to remember in 2008...." there is a mention of a auction in Clayfield (QFAS Auction) i was just wondering if anyone knew that actual date????? or where i can go to ask questions....... many thanks to all Nick
  5. wow nice jimbozed - it gives me a few ideas just 2 questions though: Why is the water is the buckets blue? What stops your air stones from moving around? thanks Nick PS i have also ordered one of those egg tumblers from that pleco site still interested in home ideas though
  6. lookin good woocoo here are 3 pics of my attempt
  7. woocoo now i have tried one of these but my problem is - what do i put it into? i currently have one in an ice cream container with holes punched in it and an airstone only problem is that the eggs dont tumble properly ill attatch a pic for you, i have tried using styrofoam to help it float but failed hence the wire supports also thanks to everyone else i might get one of them professional ones and use it for some ideas but please if anyone has more ideas please post pic will be in my next post inabout 10min
  8. Hello all, after doing some searching in this forum i have found nothing on egg tumblers.... I have tried to create a few different styles and all have failed What does everyone else do? Does anyone have some designs? pics? ideas? anything would be great cheers Nick
  9. "Ammonia Nitrate and nitrite levels? did you cycle your tank" ok i have no idea what this is sorry as i said there r many other fish in the same water too....... i aclimatised them the usual way put bag in tank for half hour, then after that added a little bit of tank water to bag, waited 10min, added more water, waited another 10min then gently poured into the tank I also used to have guppies in my other tropical tank consisting of galss cat fish, cardinal tetra's, rainbow shark, angels, mollies and all the guppies died there........ the water temperature is about 25-26 degrees and water flow is pretty good and plenty of airation
  10. they are still dying down 2 since last post
  11. Hello all, I have a breeding setup of 3 4ft(divided) tanks all running into a sump In one division i have some baby affrican, another a gold fish, another a crayfish, another orange spots, another mollies, another blue dolphins and one of guppies In the guppy one i had about 30 female and about 10 male, but 1 by 1 each day i find a guppy dead! and my question is why? All my fish are very healthy and activally swimming and have hiding places to go...... Is there a desiese that only affects guppies? any help would be great as its sad to see them die so fast! cheers Nick
  12. thanks Frenchy and all others, yeah i have come to conclusion that i have hybrid fish oh well - will have to see if the kids r any good lookin thanks all
  13. the yellow one (in the background with no arrow pointing to it) is a male lombardi. the fish in the first pic and 2nd are the same (1st one her fin was tucked back) i have now attached a 3rd pic just taken (98% same as 2nd) i have updated my prifile twice now - still with no sucess (i think) i click submit then it goes to a blank screen with the QLDAF letter head above it.... i live in Clayfield Brisbane btw the 3rd pic: thanks my msn is nickm86@hotmail.com if anyone wants it
  14. thanks all - this is really helping i have another photo of the female (not very good though): the female has small dots throughout her tail - but if she is 1/2 bred as you all say - who knows whats goin on. i am in aggreeance that the male is a Saulosi - but probably a poor one i have some smaller hongi in the same tank and did some comparrason and she does look like a very poor version of one i might have to look into getting rid of both of them for some pure bred stuff..... thanks for everything and if anyone has more info im more than happy to listen
  15. hello all...... i purchased 2 particualr fish from an aquarium about 2 months ago and was told they were "red top's", however now im not too sure.... i know i have one male and one female as i stripped the female last night (my first time) - wow didnt she get pi**ed off! i was wondering if i can get a 2nd/3rd/4th opion on what these fish are because when my 40 fry grow up im gona wanna sell them to u guys hopefully the picture will work - let me know if it doesnt. i also have a few more pics if u would like some more just pm me and ill gladly provide. many thanks Nicholas
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