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  1. yeh they are very nice, its a shame there doesnet seem to be many types of cyno's around.
  2. I got the fresh water 48" I like it it's good but I get bad reflection on TV when it's on
  3. Any one tried putting a dimmer on one of these? i got one a few weeks ago and I find it's a bit too bright for my tastes
  4. Nice shots mate! An external flash works wonders with macro as you need lots of light for it. You've done well with just tank lights!
  5. Hey guys, Anyone breeding these? im keen to get some juveniles in the near future
  6. Green neons are awesome, but they will eat fry, ive seen it!
  7. I don't think fry will survive in that tank. Maybe move female and pot to a spare tank.
  8. I sometimes have grease, degreaser and other things on my hands from work so I use soap and just rinse well.
  9. i would switch off the air curtain, i would guess its that.
  10. Nice tank and shrimp. I was looking at the EBI but ended up getting a plain 30cm cube with an Eden 501. How noisy is your filter? Mine is a bit louder than I had hoped.
  11. I got eco-complete, its black gravel made for plants BUT its about $40-$50 per 10kg bag same with most other brands too. Would cost alot to do a 8' tank. Best look up some diy substrates. Try looking and asking on aquarium life forum, its a plant dased forum and i think a few people use these over there.
  12. Good luck with it. I tryed diy co2 but got sick of it. It seems to be all about balance between lights, nutrients and co2. Too much or too little of any of these and thing might not work as well as hoped. Well thats just what ive found. Looking forward to some pics.
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