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  1. Okay thanks ken, let me know if some become spare looking for about 5 as looking to mix some blood with the ones I got now, cheers Denis

  2. Hi Denis,

    Got some growing up but they have been pre-sold already. Sorry can't help you right now.



  3. Hi ken, do you have any mpbwe fronts for sale yet after your last lot?? Just got some around the 4cm mark & want some other blood lines to grow with them.

    Cheers Denis

  4. yep will have heaps about mid week 60cents each ring first 0412920294 Wolfgang

  5. Hi, Had heard you may have some small uncoloured goldfish for sale, was looking for about 20 or so aroind the 3cm mark.

    thanks Denis

  6. HI Darren,

    after some more male gups & cherries if you have any available at present, let me know can pick up this weekend if suits,

    cheers, Denis

  7. Very nice pics, tank looks huge. With all the p/bass that were sold over the last 18mnths there should be plenty of nice fish out there. Anyone else want to share??
  8. Good onya Trev, didn't take that long after all, kev must of given you the good oil on how to get them to take. good luck.
  9. Have an 8x2x2 & do 10% water changes every couple of weeks, add some prime & about a handfull of salt. Have been doing this for a while with no trouble but have thought?? How much salt should I be actually adding?? Is the handful enough or am I wasting my time. Is there a measured dose that is applicable for normal water changes? adding for desease? or just introducing new fish?? thoughts would be appreciated.
  10. Thanks, will get some tetracycline & give that a go, had tried some salt before but always find salt is a bit of a guessing game as to dosage & how frequent to use.
  11. Have a large peacock bass that has developed a big red pimple on her nostrile, have tried using pimafix & melafix & a couple of other different treatments that people have advised but nothing has helped,but recently I have noticed that the eye on the side of the pimple has become a bit hasey like a catarack & tonight I have noiticed what appears to be blood in the bottom of the eye, she has gone of her food & I need to basically put the food in her mouth before she will take it. Water temp is 27 degrees & quality is good with 20% change every couple of weeks, have had her now for a few years & wouldn't like to loose her. ???????
  12. This piece of wood was sourced from a horse stud not any creek or river or such. My apologise for calling it driftwood maybe should have called it shitty old piece of decaying rotted fence post that thought would look good in my tank, but that heading just didnt really seam to fit!!!!!!
  13. Thanks for that, I dont know why but I found a small bottle of that in our medicince cabinet, think it was the old mother inlaws, will give it a go & see what happens
  14. Was away on hols down coffs way over the xmas break & got a nice big piece of driftwwod for my tank, wasn't completely dry & has some moss growing under the hollowed out section so I soaked it for a couple of days when I got home before putting in my tank. Now its water logged & stinks like an old swamp & I am wondering what is the best thing to treat it with before I put it in my tank ???
  15. You would need to crank the temp of the tank up & use a good anti-fungus med as these eggs can take from 5 - 10 days hatch. By the way I didnt notice those other lovely p/bass in the tank, have you still got them??
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