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    Those are nice fish.
  2. No worries, I can;t get down there for a week or so. I'll PM you when I can and see what's left.
  3. Terracotta pots?

    Found these one, they look OK but a bit exe. https://www.koch.com.au/buy/terracotta-taranto-succulent-pot-pack-of-6-7x6cmh/462024
  4. Terracotta pots?

    Thanks, I checked out their online range but they seemed a bit too big for what I wanted. Might drop in on the weekend and see what they have instore.
  5. HI Butch, how would these guys go in with my electric yellows? Also, last time I was down you mentioned you you might be able to offer delivery, did that ever eventuate? Cheers
  6. Terracotta pots?

    Howdy, does anyone have a source of terracotta pots suitable for sticking fresh water plants in? I have seen the small 3cm ones on ebay but was looking for a greater range of sizes. Cheers
  7. Splosht - Pond water cleaner

    Yeah I've been using splosht since the start of this year in my small pond with goldfish, seems to do the job OK and you do need to chuck in an extra bag every couple of weeks. Not sure I'd use it in the fish tank though they do make a specific product for that purpose.