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  1. Fronnies are gorgeous! They have the most amazing blue and turquiose in their fins. They are so docile, swim around together, bet that won't last long when the boy gets a bit bigger! They must be around 10- 12 cm? Fingers crossed for the next batch of sexiefish.
  2. Thats great news Adam, congratulations! I am still dying to go out and have a look at this awesome set up of yours! My sexfaciatus bred for me only 1 week after the move! I thought that was fantastic. I transported all of their water with them which may have helped. Only one little survivor out of the batch unfortunately, it was that males first time so he was probably shooting blanks
  3. You can get the NLS from eBay at the moment, next day delivery. Seems to be getting harder to find but couldn't complain about the quality, have been using it as an alrounder for over a year.
  4. Thanks everyone. I keep and breed Tanganyikans, have all the same stuff I had before, have moved some on though. This is what I have left: Neolamprologus multifaciatus (breeding) Neolamprologus leleupi (growing out) Pseudotropheus demasoni (breeding) Lepidiolamprologus hecqui (breeding) Albino paracyprichromis nigripinnis (display) Julidochromis transcriptus gombe (growing out) Frontosa burundi (growing out) Eretmodus cyanostictus Bulu Pt. (display) Variabilichromis moorii (breeding) Neolamprologus sexfaciatus gold (breeding) Chalinochromis ndobnoi (display) Xenotilapia (Enantiopus) melanogenys (growing out) Tropheus kaiser II (T. Kiriza) (growing out) I have heaps of fry, will list them as they reach saleable size.
  5. Thanks everyone, I have updated my profile to include location I have a fellow picking up approximately 25 fry from me in a week, he would like them bagged with oxygen so he can drive them south for approximately 8-10 hours, I was wondering if the buckets and battery airpump was a better option than bagged with oxygen.
  6. Can someone run me through how to purchase/hire the cylinder/regulator etc that you need to be able to set up to ship fish with oxygen. Thanks in advance.
  7. I keep and breed tanganyikans, was on this forum before known as the couple 'wombat' (adrian and lisa) but we broke up, so this is the lisa half here. I am going to keep going with the fish hobby for now but I will be downsizing a little in the near future. Any one interested in a 9ft stand with three x 3ftx18"x18" tanks....?
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