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  1. Yeah pretty good price. If I had smaller angels I would have a few on order.
  2. I remember the Apisto days. I got some sent down to Wagga as well some cories when it was in full swing. Hard to get a selection like that these days. I got my Angels through @The Tech Den using AI list. They were labelled as Leopoldi but turned out to be Rio Nanay. Last time I checked AI had some wild Leopoldi at an affordable price I thought.
  3. That's pretty much it. They only new stuff coming in is the illegal stuff. And unfortunately it's only tank busters as that is where the money is at.
  4. Haha never thought of the taking off the roof to get a tank in. That would have been an impressive site. Any photots of the 10x3x3? Yeah I have huge front windows. Probably big enough for a 4ft wide tank. But yeah still not going in sadly.
  5. 7th floor is crazy haha. What the house roof? It's only $70 to take the front window out from a glazier that lives around the corner. It will just be to much trouble getting people around to help and actually getting it into the corner where it is suppose to go. Will sit to far out from the corner. If it was a something huge like a 8x3 or 10x3 I would make it work. 18fter in an apartment would be an impressive sight.
  6. Ive decided to sell it as I have lost all motivation to get it into the house. Trying to organise 5 people plus a glazier to move it in is just too hard. Will be to hard to move if something happens aswell. On the plus side I have lined up a 3x2.5x2.5
  7. Probably going to need 2 L1's for what he wants to achieve.
  8. Yeah was thinking maybe torpedo bards instead. But still undecided
  9. Yep true 3ft cube. Bit over 700L. With sump around 1000L ish
  10. Yeah get the 8 and then sort out M/F ratio. All depends on how much colour you want. Obviously males have alot more colour. 2 males will be fine. As eric said, extra 20 won't make much difference in bioload. But will look impressive. Don't ziptie. Either very light fishing line or some super glue.
  11. Well it didn't end up fitting through the door. 2cm to big. So has been sitting for a bit while I collect some more things for it. What it will look like set up. Finally got some wier covers made up Have got a heap more fish thanks to @The Tech Den and also a few more things aswell. It will be going in shortly but will be going through the front window.
  12. 6 would be a good number of adults to end up with. Make sure you get quality. Alot of rubbish OH going around these days. People just breed for a buck and not worrying about quality. If you buy fry make sure you see the parents. Personally I would go with alot more tetra. Once they are in a big school that is when they look impressive. 30 is a nice number. Apistos when paired up and breeding are super aggressive so be careful with catfish. If you did not want apistos you could also go a nice school of corys.
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