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    My name is Eden and I've just moved to Brisbane from Sydney. I'm 22 and live with my boyfriend who sighs heavily at my forever-growing obsession with everything fishy.

    I'm studying a Bachelor of Science majoring in Zoology and Molecular Biology.

    If I was rich I'd have a whole house dedicated to keeping fish. I think I'd have to get rid of the boyfriend though.

    Feel free to add me on msn as I don't really know anyone up here and it would be awesome to talk with people who share my interests: edenholly@hotmail.com
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    Fish, zoology, science, gardening (now I can do that in tanks too!)
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    Ex-nurse, now a student bum!

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  1. Haha I replaced the internal filter with a sponge filter as neither it nor the airstone were doing much and I figured if the water quality is not otherwise bad it probably doesn't need the extra filtration. Sponge filter is bubbling away madly so hopefully I'll see some improvement!
  2. Sorry, I meant and forgot to add in the temperature. It's about 26-27 which is normal for that tank as it's up quite high. I thought about the oxygen too, I already have a 30cm airstone bar in the tank and have put a tube on the outlet of the internal filter to aim it at the surface so that's rippling now too. I'll steal an airstone off another tank just in case. Thanks for the link relle, I'll have a look! Oh and I definitely added dechlorinator and I also haven't been feeding them. Thanks all!
  3. It's been ages since I've posted here but I'm at a loss about what to do with my fish. Yesterday afternoon I came home and noticed that the fish (a red forest jewel, 3 small clown loaches, 2 adult bristlenose and a bunch of their "babies" - 2-5cm) in my 3ft tank were all breathing very rapidly. The bristlenose were lining the walls up high and the jewel was hanging near the surface. The loaches were hiding. I changed out about 25% of the water and they seemed to improve, they were a lot more active. About 6 hours later things were still looking bad so I tested the water. All parameters were normal = pH 6.8, ammonia, nitrite and nitrate all at 0. I did another 25% water change and addded an extra filter (just a small 500lph one as it's all I had). Today things have not improved at all and I have no idea what to do. I can't think what it could be. My partner went to the LFS and the guy recommended some parasite treatment (some broad-spectrum thing) but he won't be home until later with it. Does anyone have any other ideas as to what it could be or what I could do? I initially wondered if maybe some chemicals had gotten in there but I don't spray or use anything around the tanks at ALL and certainly haven't recently.
  4. I've also found that my red forest jewel absolutely LOVES snails. He's in a tank with my clown loaches but he's always the first to attack the snails. I put hunks of food in my other tanks and wait for the snails to invade it, then drop it in the jewel/clown tank and watch them go into a crazy feeding frenzy. Since my clown loaches are still quite small, he is also able to eat the bigger snails that they can't quite manage. It's really awesome watching him stalk and line up his prey before shooting forward and eating the snail. And for what it's worth, their tank has absolutely no snails despite dropping in 10-20 almost weekly (I guess technically I have a snail problem but since finding them a cheap and easy food source I don't mind encouraging it).
  5. Lately I've been noticing what I can only describe as black freckles on the bodies of my clown loaches. Small spots of pigmentation about 0.5-1mm diameter. I say they're like freckles because the colouring isn't solidly consistent but kinda smudgy. Otherwise they're acting completely fine, very energetic and eating well. Water parameters are perfect (pH around 7.3, all wastes at 0ppm), temp fluctuates due to hot weather between about 25-28. All other fish in the tank (bristlenose and a red forest jewel) are fine although I am starting to wonder if two spots on the jewel's head might be the same thing. So anyway I'm just wondering if this is something or if it's just normal. I'll try my best to get a pic but all I have is my phone and they tend to be too fast for that.
  6. Good lord people, have you not heard of CGI or any other video manipulation? They're fish Fish are stupid, you cannot train them!
  7. +1 to this! My boyfriend saved one of my fish that had begun to strangle itself by getting a piece of Java Moss tangled tight around it's neck because he has a good look at the tanks when he gets home from work.
  8. Hrm I didn't think about that but now that you mention it I do recall reading about quite a few people having issues with dwarf gouramis. I've had her and her boyfriend for about 8-9 months now but he's still going gangbusters. Think I lucked out with him as he's the best looking dwarf gourami I've seen around and has always been very healthy (I got him from a different place to the female) but I guess I'll prepare myself for the fact that he may follow suit one day too. Was probably going to find him a replacement girlfriend but I might just hold off now.
  9. In my experience pumpkin is up there with cucumber for creating cloudiness (but that's only if I get lazy about taking it out). Zucchini can stay in the tank until they finish the whole piece and it won't cause cloudiness (same with carrot)
  10. Thanks for the well wishes but mine just died too Condolences to you it sucks
  11. My female dwarf gourami has been having issues swimming that have become progressively worse over the past few days. At first she just hung out in plants a lot which she does from time to time so I wrote it off as normal but I've come to realise she's been using plants etc to prop herself up. She's mostly been hanging about near the bottom of the tank today and occasionally swimming to the top for air before sinking back down again. All water paramaters are fine - Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrate all zero (I have a lot of plants so 0 Nitrate is normal for me) - and all the other tank occupants including a male dwarf gourami are fine. I've just moved her to a QT tank where she is sitting on the bottom and flopping from side to side. I have put in some aquarium salt and some shelled peas. Anything else I can do? Does it sound like some sort of swimbladder thing? She's looking pretty bad at the moment but I don't want to call it a day before being completely sure I can't do anything for her. As an aside - she's had a deformed fin ray since I got her. Basically she has one normal one and one little stumpy one. Don't think that has anything to do with this but I'll include it just in case. This is my first sick fish so all help is appreciated
  12. I must have that giant val. I trimmed it back really short before going away for 3 weeks and when I came back it had completely overgrown the tank again I love it for that reason though, it's an awesome plant that requires no effort.
  13. Fresh vegies aaaand.... well basically whatever you feed your adults. But fresh vegies are best! That's about all you need to know (apart from separating them like you did), they're pretty tough.
  14. I've just had the opposite problem with a heater that just stopped working It also had rather a lot of condensation. Guess it's better than it staying on indefinitely, eep
  15. I would be totally in for both the aquarium and pub crawl
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