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  1. I have a 120L 3 ft tank which currently has an angelfish, BN, 3 albino cories and 4 platys but in the near future I would like to add some tetras of some sort. I would like something nice and bright, I really love the look of the red & blue columbian tetras but I read that they can be a bit nippy. I also thought that the black neons were nice too, but would they become a snack for my angelfish? Any suggestions? Thank you
  2. Thats ok. I wish I could help but I dont know what is wrong with him. It might sound silly but are you over feeding him?
  3. Dont be cruel ..... you cant flush him. If he is that sick research the clove method or join a betta community as they may be able to help you - bettafish.com
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  5. ps a pic would be great if you could
  6. Thanks for that ..... I was so confused coz I couldnt work out how the elbow that it came with was ment to go as I want my spray bar to be along the back wall not on the side.
  7. Hi - I have just brought an Eheim Classic 2213 and I am having trouble understanding how to put it all together. Is anyone able to help? I understand that the tubing needs to be cut to size ect but I am confused about how the spray bar goes ... If anyone has one set up could they please post a couple of pictures?
  8. sorry to continue - I have heard that gloss paints are hard to use and can leave streak marks really easy.
  9. Thanks for the help so far. I dont think that I want a gloss finish but more of a matt.
  10. Hi I have brought myself a raw 3ft Maher tank as I would like to paint it white. Can anyone please tell me what type of paint I should use and do I need to use an undercoat or primer? Thank you
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  12. Please help. I have no idea what is wrong with my BN (See attached piccy) He has been like this for 4 days. It started with just 1 small hole on his tummy, but now it seems to be spreading. I thought he may have just scratched himself on something, but now Im not sure. Its red and a little raw looking. He is more active today, and ate some cucumber last night, but it doesnt seem to be improving. All my water parameters are perfect. No one else in the tank is showing any signs of sickness. On day 1 I added some stress guard and thats all. Also he is the only BN in the tank - so he hasnt had a fight. Please help, all advice will be listened to
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