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  1. I used to use seachems purigen in my planted tank, I removed it to recharge it and I haven't noticed any difference with water clarity or plant growth. So, imo it doesnt really matter if you use it or not. I guess a benefit would be its ability to take out some toxins
  2. How are you finding the lights in the LumiQ? Sufficient for HC?
  3. Damn, that is terrible. Corals are colorful enough without dye! Have you seen any in Aus yet?
  4. The Brown thing with the large hole is a tunicate, or sea squirt . The large coral is some sort of soft leather coral.
  5. Hey Brad, I subscribe to PFK and sometimes I get an issue late, such as getting December before November. Hopefully you get your magazine soon.
  6. I would keep using the CO2. In my experience I have less algae issues while using CO2 as the plants seem to out compete the algae. Plus, the better growth rates that the CO2 will cause in your plants will reduce the amount of fertilizers in the water, making it harder for the algae to grow. I have never had an issue with running DIY CO2 constantly in a tank, I wouldnt worry about it too much. Unless your mix is producing a crazy amount of gas!
  7. I doubt it's the CO2. It is more likely due to increased lighting or increased fertilisation. What type of light is it? T5 or T8? CO2 should effect your fish unless it is at extremely high levels. If too high the fish will be unable to respire. I doubt you could get this high with a yeast system (I never did). So, what are the lights, what kind of liquid fertilisers are you using and how many litres is the tank?
  8. I dont think a substrate will be able to pull your pH from 7.8 down past 7 before you have to do a water change, it will take too long for it to leach acids. I use RO water and add the Sechem buffers (Alkaline and Acid) to get to my desired pH (6.. Otherwise your pH will swing far too much as there is no kH (buffering capacity). All you have to do is look at the ratio of each that you need which is on the back of the bottle and mix accordingly. You could probably mix RO and tap water to get a pH between the two (7-7. but not below the RO water's pH.
  9. I'm not really sure about aussie mags? Yeah, seeing the UK shop tours is a bit disappointing, as is seeing some of their interesting fish that we cant import!
  10. All you need is surface agitation mate. The bubbles themselves diffuse a tiny amount of oxygen into the water, whereas the surface agitation allows much larger amounts of water to diffuse in to your tank water. So really all an aerator is doing is providing that aeration. So, as long as you can actively see your surface water moving you will have no need for other forms of 'aeration'. If you cant, I personally think you will be better off using a power head to create the surface agitation over using an aerator and air stone to do it. Because of the salt being splashed around by the aerator as mentioned by oldmate.
  11. This morning algae had started growing within the fungus so I physically removed a lot of it with a siphon. Did a 60-70% water change and I am starting a lower fert dosing regime. There is still some fungus remaining but we will see how it goes, I added 2 snails today.
  12. I'm currently having some issues with what I think is Cyanobacteria. Its growing within and on my Riccia, HG and Lilaeopsis. Its also growing on my wood. (Photos Attached). The tank is also cloudy. The tank is only 3 weeks old but the external filter was taken from a previous tank so no cycling was needed. I'm assuming that it is due to irregular fertilizing as some green algae began to grow at the end of last week so I missed fertilizing for 3 days. Ive tested for phosphate and nitate and neither are exceptionally high. Does anyone know what it is and how to treat it correctly? Gluteraldehyde doesn't seem to have any effect. Cheers, Smurf
  13. Hi Guys, I recently acquired a second hand 2.5L CO2 bottle and was wondering where I can have it checked for safety and filled in South Brisbane? The bottom does seem slightly corroded (Rust). Cheers, Smurf
  14. Does anyone know where to get glass inlets and outlets for a canister filter? I'm pricing a new planted tank with inline CO2 and inline heating and want to see if I can get glass piping in Australia. Cheers, Smurf
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