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  1. Yeah mate light looks perfect in person glad i went 4ft
  2. The pleco is 45cm and doesn't seem to bother the the ray
  3. .Just thought I would post a pic of the old but new tank. Some of use might remember the build from [MENTION=2921]dditt[/MENTION]. 6x3x2.5 with 4ft led light Running 2 fx5 Stock: Motoro ray, RTGG, Clown Knife, Datnoid, Pleco
  4. Hey mate I don't breed rays.. but if you put up a wtb add some will pop up

  5. Hi there, just wondering if your breeding any of your FW rays anytime soon as I will be looking for 1 or 2 in the near future? jonasmurphy88@hotmail.com


  6. You got them back lucky you man i miss that pair. The male has an awesome body shape..
  7. the jar at darra is black like that cause its on black gravel use to be normal color and its not for sale
  8. Man tubbi where can I grt one of those yodas they look super rare
  9. Hey mods to be serious how about we change the color of the forum to maroon permanently as it is a qld forum who else agrees.. I no there is quite a few blues supporters but hey its qld..
  10. looks good Steve.. he will be a lot happier and n there.. Also that thing is heavy. .
  11. great work as per usual Mike.. looking good Steve..
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