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  1. I breed them but all of my grow outs are spoken for right now. Will have more ready in 3 months. Mine came from Jim’s Tropheus wild caught colony. Amazing looking fish
  2. Tropheus and Tang Gobies! Tropheus for their activity and Gobies for their love of their keepers!
  3. I have Red Rainbows, Ikola and Duboisi ready to go. I also have some Petrochromis Trewavase which can be housed with Tropheus
  4. Big colony 40-50 Tropheus, Gobies and some Petrochromis! Plenty of everything..
  5. I've been feeding Algaemax and Thera A to my Tropheus colonies as well as my Petros. Trophs took to it over a couple of feedings and the piggy Petros smashed it from day dot. I'll continue feeding both foods to my fish so people who buy fry from me have an option as to what they continue feeding them, in case of other tank mates wanting what Thera A has to offer ingredient wise. No complaints on the Algaemax though. If my fish are happy and breeding, then I'm happy!
  6. There's 2 Tropheus books out. The 1st was put out ( I think 2003 ) by Aqualog- African Cichlids 2 Tanganyika 1 Tropheus And the latest by Ad Konings ( 2013 ) Tropheus In Their Natural Habitat Both have plenty of pics and info. Enjoy your Trophs!!
  7. You could definitely house 30-40 Tropheus in a 6x2x2.5. I have 39 Red Rainbows (Kasanga) in a 6x2x2 and around 30 Ikola , 15 Petrochromis Trewavasae and a pair of Gobies in my other 6x2x2. As long as you keep the water clean and feed them the right diet you shouldn't have any issues.
  8. Bunnings play sand is another option. Again needs a good rinse and from memory it's under $10 for 20kgs??
  9. It's all I keep! Tropheus and Petros are my fav but love my Sand Sifters and Cyps too, I'd also love another tank for Feather fins! Can't stop at one tank / bio type. Addicted
  10. If they're fed the right diet and the water conditions are good then they'll breed in a bare bottomed tank ( no sand or rocks ). Personally I like to keep it more natural looking though, so I stick to the tried and tested method. 2 Rock piles at each end and a small pile in the middle. Just enough to break up the gap and give the sub doms something to aspire to. Watch your fish and they'll show you where you're getting it right. Good luck!
  11. Thumbs up! That background looks insane! Is it a particular model or did you grab a bunch of the single modules and arrange them your self? Also how long does the delivery take from them?
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  13. I have close to 200 Tropheus Ikola fry raging from 1-6cm at the moment! My colony is still pumping out mouthful after mouthful. I'm running out of room for them. Had another unsuccessful Tanganicodus mouthful, got up to day 5 or 6 then gone. They always get to around this time but no success in the change over period. Plus I Got a female Petrochromis Trewavasae up to day 6 now so that looks like a fertilised thumbs up!
  14. A big colony of Tropheus and Petrochromis would go great in a 8x2!
  15. Gee those Tanganicodus Kibishi are stunners! I need more tanks....
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