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  1. I cant help but admit, the kessils are the best... but that price.... I think i'll just have to hold off an extra week to save up to pay for it haha. It really is expensive...
  2. Oh, and about C02... If they cant mail me the bottle being "dangerous goods", i would just buy the regulator and glassware etc and head to my closest BOC and hire/buy a bottle correct?
  3. Except that they come from overseas correct? about the plug; is it the australian plug, does it come with an adaptor if not, or do i have to buy one separately? Is the light spectrum etc suitable for plants? i had looked at those and i quite like the look of them, not sure about mounting though. Cheers for the help Chaps!
  4. Aquarium LED Lighting Freshwater Planted OR Cichlid | eBay How would this go? 100W Probably too bright though??
  5. $150 -/+ is around what im thinking, and if the mountings would work with the smaller tank then i dont think it will be a problem
  6. Really nice tank, i love the carpeting you have going. Is that a staurogyne species in the middle?
  7. Thank You for the help so far guys, it is appreciated. Post pics of your planted nano tanks please! i'd love to see what people have got going on. Could be some very nice inspiration
  8. [MENTION=1338]The Tech Den[/MENTION] No there shouldnt be a problem with the light overhanging a bit. Aslong as im not paying extra for a fixture that half of the light given off wont be used, it shouldnt be a problem. I also agree with what beencees says... I didnt want to get into a huge discussion over warranty/insurance red tape, simply wanted some help.
  9. I think we have to remember this is a nano planted cube and i feel that spending $320 on a light for this setup is absurd.... Those Finnex planted + lights look quite nice and are well priced. Can You post a picture of what the light looks like in your tank? Is there any C02 units that i can actually have mailed to me? otherwise im pretty much screwed.
  10. Hi guys, Im going to be doing a small high ish tech Planted tank, and would like a Light recommendation. I do like the idea of LED's but know that they can be very expensive. The tank is going to be 450mmL x 400mmH x 400mmW, and the plants i am planning on using are High light style plants. Hemianthis callitrichoides carpet, Staurogyne sp porto vehlo, some red plants (rotala rotundfolia, ludwigia etc) and probably some not so high light needing plants like chain swords and crypts. What light should i use? Also can someone recommend a C02 unit for this sized setup? I would like to try to keep the budget for this tank as lowish as possible. Thanks. PS: ill post pics when ive started the build.
  11. You might have some trouble buying NSW, tends to be governed by overpaid bogans that dont like to sell.. Sorry mate : /
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  13. Badis badis? They are really cool little fish... not sure if they would go well in a community though, i havent done much research
  14. Hybrids make me want to vomit... But i would like to breed some gorgeous Aulonocara, so where do i go for a reputable breeder?
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