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  1. I think that there's a cycle when it comes to most fish. When something new comes on the market, there is a rush to be the first to breed it as it is usually expensive, and then when the hype is over, people lose a bit of interest in the species as everyone has it. Then the species either finds its way through into aquariums where people like it and it becomes a staple, or it isn't so popular and becomes scarce. If it falls off the import list or was never on there to start with it can easily be lost. I don't think the hobby is struggling, I just think there are so many species about, that some fish just get overlooked. Especially with the number of catfish about these days. I remember 15 years ago there were bristlenose, albino bristlenose, peppermints, common plecos and the odd sailfin. Now we have so many L numbers that i'm running out of tank space. Who has room for big Americans that need a 6 foot tank? I don't! Not to mention people seem to like colour, where have the fish with great personality like tinanti gone? Anyone seen them about recently?
  2. Hey guys and girls, Just interested to know what the largest number of fry you've had out of one single spawn is. I've recently moved a clutch of common bristlenose to a grow out tank and counted 228 fish that have survived to 2cm. There are 2 girls and one boy in the adults tank and just wondering if they both could have laid eggs for him, as that's a lot of babies for one 8cm girl. Keen to hear everyone's experiences on both bristlenose and other species. cheers, Wil.
  3. Does anyone know where I can find Almond Leaves for my Discus Tank? Cheers, Wil.
  4. You don't have to sheet the entire bottom of the tank, If you cut the styrofoam into 50mm wide strips and tape them to the rails that the tank actually rests on, you wont have any trouble. I have done this with tanks up to 8X2X3 foot in size so I know it works. This means you will only have to buy one sheet from clarke rubber (you will need a brand new stanley blade to cut the styrofoam neatly). As for the thickness of the styrofoam, 10-12mm is fine, just ensure the density is such that you can't compress it more than 50-60% with your fingers, as they make different grades of styrofoam. Hope that helps.
  5. I've seen different types of materials used under fishtanks and small ones (2 foot and under) seem to be ok. A mate cracked his 6 foot by using something similar to what you're describing because it compressed to much and the stand wasn't perfectly level. I wouldn't risk it personally, new styrofoam will only cost you $10 at the pet store. Wil
  6. Hey matthew, I called u this morning about the tank and stand. I'll get a photo to u in the next day or so. If I text u a photo will that be suitable?

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