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  1. Refering to your comment about how long is piece of string. It is the distant from 1 end to the center times 2. Sent from my SM-G925I using Tapatalk
  2. I Personally would go with a blower more then enough air and only uses 90w so it is good if you are running a lot of tank
  3. Just a bit of food for thought will those tanks fit small end out as then you would be able to fit more on the one stand? Looking good mate. cant wait to see the photos of all the baby bettas
  4. me and the missus are there seems very dull apmispher compared to the ones i use to go to
  5. Looking good mate keep up the good work wont be long and you'll have this fella over annoying you for bettas to keep his wife happy.
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  7. The pairs will always stick together and in 2 weeks time you will see the mating signs again which is best time to move them into a separate tanks i use to use a 2ftx1f for all my pairs i never left the eggs with the parents i use to hatch them my self with a jar and air stone. also have micro worms on hand as baby brine shrimp i found were a little to big for them but they did manage when i was to lazy to re-culture micro worms and ended up just feeding baby brine shrimp. make sure you have brine shrimp hatchers ready to go to feed the 300+ fry. Good luck and enjoy
  8. Well after months of the missus complaining about her turtle tanks being all spread out i have decided to build her a rack so ill post up pics as we set it up. 3 tier 3ft concisting of a 3ft and 2x 2.5ft tanks thanks for looking Yes i do also make these to order Details can be found in my signature. Thank you; Rion
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  11. Denis from mary annes make top qaulity tanks. He knows his stuff when it comes to large tank builds.
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  13. Wooden Rack this aint the same but it is similar
  14. I normaly have brought this from AOA in the past well before they became a sponsor and I will most likely continue to as I love there service not to mention there prices. But as you all no in this economy you have to save every cent you can in order to survive. Hence this is the reason I want to get it in myself as I could possibly save a few dollars. But as you have said there is hassles to go with this and depending how much of a hassle it is will determine weather I go through with it or not.
  15. But just say I wanted to get a food import permit how do I go about this and is there massive fees to go with it?
  16. Thanks AOA might be better off just getting it off you
  17. well i have been assused that i am able to have them brought into australia buy the company selling them so i might just give it ago
  18. Hey, Just wondering if any one on here has brought them from the usa? i got a feeling customs wouldnt allow then i also have a feeling how do the shops that sell em here buy em in. please anyone that can help with this let me no?
  19. i can sex my fry at birth with 100% garentee that they are corect just by a few easy tips the anal fin on a male is pointy and a females is round and also females are born with a gravid spot. if you dont want the troubles of doing early another tip is if it colors up before the rest it is male (some case can be a female but very unlikely as a male matures faster then females in guppies) tempture pays a vital role in sexes if i am after females i tend to not have tempture over 25 as this has given me up to 90% female fry in the past hope i helped in some way
  20. i think lennox wants to experience building one for him/her self? if this is the go as i this is what think is the case there is a plain on the net that i used to build one last year really good informative plans they were if i can find them ill post them on here
  21. rule of thumb is no more the 20 females per male as the males burn them selves out. i use to have 1 male to every 10-15 females
  22. good info there DeadFishFloating. do you no the best way to decide what best suits you that can beat what anyone else says that is test it for your self i am sure there would be someone on here that would be happy to sell a bit of there nls so you could try it with out spending the big $$$ to find you get the same results as the cheaper stuff. its like all things with fish it may work for one but dosnt mean it will work for you. but saying all this it is always good to take notes of what others in this hobby say or do as for good or bad you can always have that to fall back on
  23. DeadFishFloating you have some very good information there. but do you really think its the food making them bullet proof and letting you over stock? not trying to have a argument just looking for more reason to why you asume this. imo your filtration would pay a role in this as all my tanks with ready to sell fish are always over stocked but i have a very low loss if any at all and i only feed the cheap fish foods.
  24. i use the cheap foods with the same growth rates and qaulity of fish as the expensive brands because all in all all foods are the same just some may have an additive that the others dont but why pay a masive price for a few extra additives. there will be others who think different but this is my opinion.
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