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    Breeding Yellows, Flamebacks, electric Blues, Green Terrors, Albino and Marble Bristlenose
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  1. Looking for fish wholesalers in Brisbane area to sell bulk fish too. Thanks
  2. I got that discount before July. I had been with them for years and I had negotiated a 10% discount with them however what they didn't make clear was that the discount only lasts 12 mths while under contract with them. If you don't call up and re negotiate contract the discount gets removed and you pay full price. After two larger than normal bills is when I called up to find this out. Hence why I was so annoyed at decided to change but at the end the 16% one out.
  3. Make sure you hit your power company up for max discounts. I am with origin and I recently went to change to get 11% with another company as origin said they couldn't do any better than 9%. Well when the other company went to transfer origin rang back and offered me 16%... We run 50 tanks on two seperate systems and a split system aircon and our bills are $600 a quarter.
  4. Jess and I are struggling to keep our green terrors going after hatching. They gather at the top of tank and only last about a week. We do daily water changes and feed ground up flake food. Have tried brine shrimp as well to no avail. Tank is two foot by one foot with a sponge filter. We take them away from parents when they are just at free swimming stage. Any advice on growing these guys out would be really appreciated. Cheers J n jess
  5. Looks like a young male to me. second pic.
  6. Hey mick, Thanks for reply. WP is ph:7.8 Tds: 220 Nitrate: 10-15 Nitrite:0 Ammonia:0 Temp 24 degrees Feeding zucchini and sera viformo. All other bn are showing no signs of disease. Filtration was a canister filter and sponge filters. I have had tank water but run out and am using town water treated with prime. Not aged. I don't believe it's the water but rather the fish coming in. As I said I have never had this before and all other fish are fine. So really want to know what to do to treat tanks in case of parasites passing on? Cheers
  7. Hey y'all, We got some new Bristlenose recently and after a week the male has died from what I believe to be bloat. The female is not eating now and is not ver active. I have other bn in the tank also that are fine but I am stressed that they may contract something. I have done a 50% water change and will do another in a days time. What is recommended for treating the tank against possible infection? I have read about antibiotics and Metronidazole as a good one but not readily available unless script given. Our water parameters are where you would want them and we have never had an issue before the introduction of these new fish. I know we should have quarantined them first for a few weeks before adding now..... Cheers
  8. Ours did the same and felt the same frustration so what we do now is pull the eggs out after 48 hrs and run aerator over them. I think they would look after them ok now as they have spawned about 5 times now but we are not willing to risk losing all those babies again.
  9. We have a 7x4 metre shed and I was thinking 3 kW would be ok. Any thoughts?
  10. Thanks jcumpstay, Do you have heaters inside tanks as well? Thanks again for input J n jess
  11. Jess and I have bitten the bullet and are insulating the fish shed and getting split system air con. We were wandering what the best temp is for Africans? 28 degrees? If the ambient temp is set to 28 do the tanks need heaters inside them as well? Cheers J n jess
  12. What kind of sand do you guys get from this place? Have you used there filter sand? Cheers
  13. Gday,

    this is Jay and Jess better known as monks snr and monks jnr.

    We are new to fish keeping and breeding and are very quickly becoming addicted to it.

    Currently we have electric yellows breeding, flamebacks breeding and marble sf bristlenose, and red forest jewels and electric blues.

    Oh and Albino bristlenose.

    Any help with anything fishy will be happy to hear from you.

    Have fun and keep smiling


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