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  1. I will be selling tropical flake, wafers, noodles, bacci ball, bacci rods, activated carbon and few other things aswell
  2. if you think you are a tosser mbunamad, I will support you in your thoughts . You asked what I though of the forum, I told you. Why keep making a point of what I said? If you are so concerned, lets have a beer together and talk about it. Your choice Pal, or just get over it.
  3. No, nope not at all. Haven't logged on in ages. Everyone uses FBook now, and those sites are full of tossers, many are on here aswell.
  4. I had this problem once, was told to check and lower PH, the next batch hatched.
  5. Just give them colour enhancing food and be done with it.
  6. Are wafers suitable for cherry shrimp as I wouldn't have a clue about shrimp.
  7. Does anybody know when the next Auction is??
  8. Aspley Pets have it for $22, he would probably post it if you pay the freight.
  9. Are you saying you can 2 ltr of supachlor for less than 22 buck??
  10. Are many people using the new product Fraction. Seems to work as good as Prime but far cheaper. I got 2 ltr bottle for $22. So price wise it is a good thing for me.
  11. I saw Steve Baines make one once at the Cichlid meeting. Used a hair dryer to melt foam into different shapes, from memory he just threw sand at it while it was still hot and sticky. He made it look so easy.
  12. Not many goldfish as we know them, but some AWESOME Koi and once again, jammed into tanks
  13. Sorry john, some shops would not allow photo's, when I get home I might try and up load a few I took.
  14. I am over in China at the moment and went to a live fish and dry goods market today. Some great fish over here blood parrots, flower horns, very good fish with what every man wants, a big kok, discus, giant gourami, sting rays, sharks and others. They put ****e loads in the tanks.Go and have a look at smiths aquarium as he stocks pretty heavy and then quadruple it. One shop must have had over 2000 - 3000 turtles. I could buy 2 red ear slider turtles for under $2 Australian on a street corner, man selling small rabbits aswell. I could go on for ever, it's a big eye opener that is for sure. Cheers everybody, hope you enjoyed the read.
  15. I just bought 4 x 2 foot submersible LED lights today, very cheap, can't say how much.
  16. I asked Peter Ford a month ago if he had some, no he didn't
  17. I'll take an unpowered site inside please Mr G, just so happens that's my day off from work. Cheers Thommo
  18. I moved mine (8x2x2.5)in a car trailer with the help of 2 other people, yes they are heavy, so be careful who helps you as they don't bounce very well.
  19. running sex toys is not a hobby, it's an obsession!! Ha ha
  20. Not sure if it is the lighting or white crane, but I's sold on that 2nd video, amazing colour, Thanks Donny
  21. Got an 8 footer to fill up, was thinking rainbows for a change, what's some nice bigger or deeper bodied rainbows and who is breeding them. Cheers
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