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  1. My new pup working on Ted the cat . Once Ted gets him in the headlock Myka the pup usually taps out
  2. My Red Empress line (boadzulu red ) , NO colour food
  3. Adult male and young male juvie pics [ATTACH]70072[/ATTACH ]
  4. ingredients , protein content ? In what way does it compare to Cyclop - eeze ? Cheers Mark .
  5. I did something similar on my 10 footer . Easy to trick it up a bit to get the 3 D look without having the hassle of it being in the tank. Cheers Mark .
  6. Hi , Looking for opinions on the two products ? I currently use the Aquasonic rift lake conditioner . My water changes are 1500 - 2000 litres a week , I run bare bottom tanks . So I go through a fair bit of product . Our water is extremely soft up here . Cheers Mark .
  7. Brings back memories of setting up my big tank . It most certainly is a big buzz as the tension mounts as your near completion and the satisfaction of your hard work when its all done . Thought I was going to be satisfied with a BIG tank ?? 40 or so tanks later and I still want more
  8. All depends on how bad you want it , got a 10x2x2.5 at the right price and had it shipped from Brisbane to Cairns As well as all my tanks in the fish room were made in Brisbane and sent up , not so much as a chip in any Ballpark figure is $ 100 a cubic metre
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  10. Pm sent Craigo As mentioned I can hold a few for you out of the last mouthfull if you like . But they will be a while . Cheers Mark .
  11. Very dodgy clip of my colony They are so hard to sneak up on . Cheers Mark .
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