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  1. not a bad way to double your money
  2. These are the same ones from down south for $600 is that right , not a bad profit there
  3. I have a 30m drag net never used it but i might sneak outside now and burn it just in case someone see's it in the shed .
  4. its probaly just the weakest link in the tank and throwing meds at it has probaly done more harm then good
  5. Duckess r you sure the fish you have paired up are M / F
  6. A basic but good recipe 2kg beefheart, thoroughly trimmed of any fat and sinew 1kg green prawns, shelled and de veined 1kg of any white ocean fish fillets (don't use fresh water fish) 1kg Salmon (yes I know, but your fish are worth it) 2 leaves of spinage 1 cup frozen green peas 1 cup cooked carrot 1 heaped tablespoon of Spirulina powder for every 2kg of mixture half a cup of minced garlic A cup of good quality flake food, to bind it all together. All this goes thru the mincer twice, so it is all thoroughly mixed together. It then goes into a big bowl, where I mix by hand (wearing gloves, or you'll have green hands) for about ten minutes. At this point you can add fish vitamins or any other additives you may like. I like to add NaturRose (astaxanthin) and Pro More, but the choice is yours. A good spoonfull of mixture goes into each zip lock bag, flatten them with a rolling pin or by hand, and lay on a tray to freeze flat.
  7. separate tanks is best with big water changes but they still do well in a system all my tanks were separate with a sponge filter and a bottle of K1 on top works great but my water usage was not good around 1000l daily a good beef heart mix and some good protein pellets
  8. also for Juvies add some epsom salt 1 tablespoon per 40l is good but only after you stop brine shrmip this will help to prevent bloat and also speed there metabolism up with the higher temp aswell feeding little but as many times daily is best i feed mine 10 times daily fry 3 times daily on brine
  9. For Breeding 18 Cube wouldn't go any bigger due to fry not being able to find there parents . if good parents tank size dosnt matter but if it is too small the water will fowl to quick when feeding Brine for fry small tank is best around 40l mark with 2 100% changes daily and wiping the tank daily with no filter as you don't want bacteria growing in the tank as it will knock them over very quick for Juv'S 3ft is good size for around 200 fish daily changes is best but if it is a system ,2 50% changes a week is sufficient ph dosnt matter it will vary with each pair because it depends what they were raised in . 27 is a good temp for hatching 29 for growing but to encourage breeding dropping to 26 then back up every couple of days A healthy fish will breed no matter what the water ph , temp , hardness is good varied diet is the key this was my way in which i had good success people will tell you different thing but most of it is **** they read on Google
  10. I thought i would start a thread to see if anyone wanted help in learning how to breed Discus and How to grow out fry without stunting and dying off due to Bacterial infections Most would know that i had quiet good success in doing this for a number of years n i thought i would share my knowledge if anyone wanted it as there is a lot of people starting to breed but i know 90% of them people will give up due to not being able raise there fry to a sell-able size with out big numbers dying off or the pairs just sitting in a tank waiting to be feed n that's about it .
  11. Looking good mate
  12. Hi Brendan,

    I bought a number of juvies from you back in January. They're doing great and I would like to buy some more. I have just found out that you sold everything, what a pity.

    If you get this could you let me know who you sold out to? You can ring me on 54982219, I'd really appreciate it.

    All the best,


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