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  1. does anyone no anyone with Simochromis babaulti or can we get them in australia
  2. I did leave it on and it's restarted itself. It must be like Peter and Mq Camo said. Thanks everyone
  3. i have a problem with my filter it runs for two minutes then it stops i turn it off then on two minutes later it stops again this happen over and over again any ideas
  4. Cool I gals that it inspires you to get more fish
  5. might sell him i think just wanted to no what it was
  6. no he's not happy at moment in with two big venustus you can see one in bottom of pic and two red fins
  7. Is this a copadochromis crysonnatus I have no idea
  8. about 8-9cm the calus behind him is 6cm
  9. This might be a bit better pic
  10. Just wanting to no what type of comp this is
  11. im wanting to sell it if you no anybody after one
  12. yes but not as much whit but that the fish
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