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  1. Hi Keegan, you wouldn't happen to have any 104 for sale would you thanks. 

  2. From my understanding they are waratah anems yes.
  3. Hey guys I haven't been on here much in the last year or two, minimised alot and don't have much spare time for fish unfortunately. Over the weekend I was up in caloundra visiting family so the plan was to venture to some rock pools and try turn my empty LumiQ into something marine but really really basic, I plan on doing weekly water changes and that's probably it. Collected some sand / shell grit kind of substrate and water out of a healthy pool along with a couple snails/ hermit crabs, a Sergeant major, and some bad ass looking waratah anemomes. Pretty happy with it so far except for the fact the anemomes will not get off the hermit crab, and ride shotgun everywhere he goes. This photo should show the depth in the scape ive gone for a little better.
  4. Not really but its pretty much only relevant for donny. Please empty your inbox, that is all.
  5. Free or if your generous i won't turn down bristle nose or a big hollow log for my tank or a few bucks im easy . Just pulled them out of my pond want gone asap. Bonsai pots with thick valsineria beds pot not included unless you want to buy it. Tall ones i forgotthe name. 0422 410 978 can mms pics
  6. Look's good, but that lei looks a little pale in colour from the photos is that normal for it to be so light in colour ? Its just how the camera picked it up because its such a silver fish. I slightly adjusted contrast as well. And I only picked the fish up about 4 hours before the pics.
  7. Thanks mate, yes they are real. Has thin val, swords and some anubias and java fern on the wood
  8. 6x2x2 native with a saratoga leichardti, monos, and soon bream and bass.
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  10. Hi Keegan.

    Will you consider letting it go for $70? If so please sms me and ill pick it up after work. 0403935468

    Regards, Howie.

  11. Gahh yummy! More more more! awesome job! Whats your plan on lighting?
  12. I had two that went from 5cm to 35+ in around 2 years. They ate anything, but there mouths arent that big so smaller fish should be fine. Pretty cool fish, I miss them.
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