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  1. nice looking texas, texas are awesome fish
  2. ok yesturday i came home from a friends house to find about 100-150 little texas fry with their mum protecting them but stuiped convict dither fish i have in there kept eating one or two babies so i caught her and removed it but i am so happy after two lots of eggs i have finally got fry
  3. today i found a heap of texas babies from one and i found another batch of eggs from a different pair
  4. 2 of the 6 of my texas cichlids have pair and the female and the male both have there breeding tubes down and have start cleaning a slate and digging a pit next to it and they have been bery aggressive toward the other fish so i divided them from the other so hopefully they lay eggs for me ill keep ya updated
  5. hahaha lol yer i had to seperate 4 or the 6 texas because iv got 2 that have decided pair up and started digging a pit and they have a black beared looking colour and they both have there breeding tubes out and the female has her breeding tube out far as and she is fat and they have been aggressive to other fish throw the divider lol so hopefully they decide to lay eggs for me that would be awesome
  6. ok well they are sort of swimming around now but they all shit themselves when i walk in the room the tank is in lol
  7. heyhey everyone i got my 6 texas cichlids today and they are being lazy as they havent moved they are just sitting there on the bottom of the tank, tank water is good temp is 28. is there anything wrong with the fish or is it just because its a new home or something
  8. dovii's, red terror, peacock bass if u go the bucks
  9. hey that is an awesome pic of ur bird, i have a quaker parrot suck a character loves talking and screaming, ur bird is awesome looking i would get a boy rather then a girl
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