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  1. Tanked is airing today over there, and then again on Wednesday. Check a little later on pirate.
  2. We have a 8x2.5x2.5 and my last 2 bills have been $1300 each. My bills before setting the tank up were no more than $600 a quarter.
  3. Hi Everyone, Can anyone tell me of any good fish places in the brissy/Ipswich area? Has anyoen been to Aquarama at Stafford?
  4. It's on both side now! they are right here his defensive spur come out.
  5. It has what looks like a healing sore on the side of it head. The sore looks white, kind of like a healing scab. Will try to get pics. very had to get a good photo.
  6. I just found one of my Common Plecos DEAD! It has what looks like a sore on it stomach. Can anyone tell me what is?
  7. Sorry Just a question. didn't mean to offend everyone. But thanx for the honest answer. Always good to know
  8. Do they have Barbs? are they Poisonous?? If so can you remove the barb?
  9. Have just checked this morning and so far we have 5 babies Very exciting!
  10. How do I tell when the eggs are ready to hatch? It has been nearly 5 day(I Think). There are little white speck starting to form on some of the eggs. Is this a good or bad thing? The Male has been fanning them none stop since he return the his log.
  11. Hi All, Need some help,Cleaning the tank today I noticed I have some bristlenose eggs. Male is not going back into the log so they have been left unattended. What should I do??
  12. Oooo! If anyone does know of anyone Selling coffee table fish tanks that would be awsome!!! As for a pet I would go a quinea pig
  13. Thanks guys..will take this advice on board
  14. We got givin 2 adult bn and 2 babies...one has already become dinner but the other has survived due to it being able to get in under the log thats in the tank. Just thought I should maybe move it to another tank until it gets a bit bigger?
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