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  1. wow they are the best looking bn.. now just have to track some down for myself.
  2. she didn't spit them when i picked her up yesturday.. fingers crossed she doesn't spit tonight. gettin a tank off a friend tonight and then the move will be on. once there fry do i move her back to the main tank?
  3. wow and i thought a 12x5x4 was big.. hat is off to that guy. nice link
  4. hi everyone, i bought some fish today and one of the electric yelows has a mouth full and was wondering when should i isolate her and what tank is best to do that with? cheers
  5. thank you all for your good input to the question.. the fish in question traveled superb and did the drip thing. they are happy and settling to there new home. thanks agian. just a note.... this is the best site i have come across.. good info, good people.. what else is there to ask for.
  6. hi all, i am picking up some fish on the gc tomorrow and transporting them in a bucket but not sure how to aclimatise the fish when i get them home.. would i be right in saying i should slowly pour water from my tank into the bucket? if so how fast and for how long before introducting them to the tank? thanks for your time and advice. hornz
  7. hey all i was just thinking what food is on the market.. and what everyone thinks is the there pick of the food out there.. cheers
  8. hey all, i am picking up 15 fish from the gold coast next weekend. all fish are around 80 - 100mm long and was wondering if i should get a portable air pump for transport back to bris. cheers hornz
  9. thanks for all the help.. i went to annerley aquarium today and got a test kit and got a bottle of prime.
  10. cheers for that.. i set up my tank last night and its a bit cloudy. not sure what i should do apart from getting a test kit.
  11. hi i have just set up a new 4ft tank up and was looking for a hp test kit. just wondering what would be the best one for me and where i might find one. cheers
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