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  1. i to can see the metal bowing but could be the pic playing silly buggers =S
  2. i bought one about 2 yrs ago best filter i have bought other then my fx5 but only thing is uv bulb only lasts for about 1.5 yrs so will need to buy a new one only abot $15aud for a new one but thats the only thing =]
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  4. i have no gurgling and running fine now =] here are a few pics
  5. here is my sump very basic but runs my 1250L system =]
  6. thanks ash mine is no where near as good as spm78's
  7. i will c if my flow is reduced or if it gurgles iwill change to the T peice
  8. ok guys heres an update i did a fair bit =] =]
  9. hey mate i have sorted tanks and rack out cutting rack this friday and top tanks are allready drilled the bottom 2 will be drilled when i move fish around sump is going to be 3ft with a 3500lph pump to give me the right amount of flow will all be 25mm pvc with taps. =]
  10. hey guys i am just about to start my rack was just looking for some ideas and some pointers of what to use.... ok so i am going to sump this rack i will have 2 4ft tanks on top level and 2 on the bottom i am going to put a sump under rack what size sump will i need for the bio of this rack. and pipe sizes for flow and return i will have the top 2 tanks flowing into bottom 2 then from bottom 2 into sump... then the sump will feed back into top 2 tanks... very simple but i need to know pipe size and flow rates for a good turn over and a good return pump what size its about 2m head to top of the top of the top 2 tanks any ideas are welcome.... i will be adding 19mm ply to the chip board that is on racking to add strength to shelfs and will be sealing the ply and chip board so no water damage can occur... thank you in advance for any help or tips... =]
  11. i have the following 1@ 6x2x2 4@ 4x2x2 and i started with a stadard 2ft MTS has set in but mine is only a minor case compaired to trofuis
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