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  1. I thought you could tell by the shape of the anal fin females is more round and the males is long and thin
  2. All my guppys are giving birth and the fry all seem to be female ,this is happening with all my guppys even in different tanks i was wondering if the temp of the water would have anything to do with this as the temps have been hitting 30 during the day,
  3. yeah their doing great getting bigger if thats possible.lol
  4. Good luck I will keep an eye out if you have any luck,as I have 4 spotted Raphs and they do nothing, never go near one another, there doesnt seem to be any information at all.
  5. lnb

    Re iceburg blues, Hi my grandson has some fry about 3 weeks old, if you would be interested in anymore in about a month, he is looking for some spending money ,let me know if and when you are interested the male parents are striking colour cheere

  6. I was wondering what they would enjoy eating,lucky my grandson has a heap of electrics breeding and he will enjoy getting the eggs for me THANKS
  7. well i was about to give up on these guys having fry,had the dark marbles in container,but nothing happened,so moved them to another tank and didnt worry about them,I was just about to do a gravel clean when I spotted the fry under some rocks.Isnt that the way it goes,just let them do there own thing ,think there are around 20 fry and they seemto be doing fine fingers crossed.
  8. Re raphaels just reassuring will pick up fish saturday 3rd will call friday cheers

  9. Re raphaels just reassuring will pick up fish saturday 3rd will call friday cheers

  10. re Raphaels. Hi just wondering if you would let them go for $450 ,Im on a pension and get paid on the 1st september.I was going to go to the auctions in september but would really like the raphs contact no 0423511970 cheers Lynne

  11. hi,I have a few Ls 002,333,397,134,they are all around the 8cm and doing nicely.
  12. At the moment I have a 3ft tank ,substrate,coral sand,crushed shells a few pieces of coral.Will I need a chiller? have the water aging,been about 2 weeks.
  13. I am keen on getting a dog face puffer just wondering if anyone knows anything about them
  14. sounds like a bactirial bloom ,do small water changes daily, and cut down on feeding,
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