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  1. Hey all, does anyone have contact info for cichlidwife (Mike)? I know he hasn't been active on the forum for sometime and neither have I. Any help reconnecting with him would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hey all, just after some small fish or small yabbies for a small planted tank. Don't care what they are just need to be cheap. Will take culls (they will never be bred). Closer to Ipswich the better
  3. hey buddy its Gav, are you still keeping fish and living in marsden?

  4. new shrimp tank build

    Looking great, any chance of an ebay link for the clear HOB filter?
  5. .Hey ppl, Just starting to get settled here back in Vic and just wondering if anyone knows of any good forums here like qldaf? I know theres lots but just after ppls experience about good ones. TIA Cheers Gavin
  6. BIG Tank lift

    Lol, thats twice you forgot about me now. Was so easy with so many hands.
  7. BIG Tank lift

    Ill help mate, dont finish till 4.30 but wont be far away, pm me the details
  8. 10x3x2.5ft Monster tank build

    Looking great mate, will have to come an visit and see it in person one day.
  9. Mbuna & Haps

    Great stock list mate
  10. Mbuna & Haps

    What haps you got mate?
  11. 10x3x2.5ft Monster tank build

    Hard for us mere mortals jay, not for you lol
  12. Driftwood Slim.

    Had this problem once too, apple snails or bn will sort it quick smart
  13. rebuild 8ft

    Hmmm, I wonder if I can talk the wife into a tank in the bedroom.....
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