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  1. Sounds like you have German cockies ! They love electrical gear and white goods ! I'm a pesty and you'll have a hard job not using chemicals ! Every egg sack has 40 babies inside ! I've never lost any fish in my house and have had 70 ft of tanks ! Just be careful ! Cover tanks etc and switch of pumps for a bit !
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  3. GOLD COAST AUCTION........ When is the next goldcoast auction, anyone know ???? cheers nick

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  5. Hi Bassius, I love those little guys, we had a 3some of them, male was kept quite busy, he killed them both unfortunately. We were wondering if you would sell some of your fry. Thanks nick, arundel.

  6. I had a dimidiochromis commpressiceps called " SCRUFF " now deceased !
  7. I need advice on sump pump for my 10 ftx2ftx800mm high african tank. What pumps do you use ? cheap chinese ? or ehiem ? or what ???? sump size is 1220x460x460. really appreciate input. cheers nick
  8. Hi im getting a 10 foot x 2ftx 800mm high tank. Can anyone take the time and look through the sump pics thread with all the different sumps and advise me which one i need. This would be a huge help as ive never hadba sump . Thanks nick
  9. Linni are scarce to say the least !
  10. I am a pesty for hitman, I do 1100 houses a year and have never killed a fish, bird, just cover your tank with a towel , if you are really worried turn pump of for 30 mins, and dont spray above it, ive got 20 tanks and my fish are all well. dont stress about it. It isall good with these precautions, regards nick
  11. one at ready creek opp marymount college....one in the brickworks ,ferry road behind whitworths...one on currumburra rd at ashmore....pet barn at nerang...one at upton st , bundall.... nice little tour,
  12. hey guys, was just wondering, i have 2 pairs of common bnose in a tank and am keen on getting some more. do you need an equal ratio of male to female or should there be more females, like most other fish. cheers, nick
  13. didnt test it, just saw loads off bubbles around the edges,cheers nick
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