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  1. oh okay i read the previous comments haha its all making scence now yes I'll buy some i dont no how much tho cuz i havent used brine shrimp before! i have 62 baby fish tho so as many as it would take to feed them and ill be fine, how much could i get for,,, $24.50 ??? thats all I have ATM :S:S:S:S
  2. oh wait haha i get it! does that mean they are still stale or not cuz iim still looking to buy of any one on the sunny coast>>
  3. oh wait ignore that i googled it Kawana waters? hehe
  4. no tin opened 20march not 7 months ago? what? and where abouts is petstock?
  5. oh that sucks well is there any pet store on the coast that sells brine shrimp eggs??
  6. I'll buy some off you I live in the coast too
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