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  1. The photos aren't that good stupid iPad but you get the picture thanks very much for having a browse. Will upload more pics whit growth etc and when more stock enters the tank prob be on the weekend lol Cheers olly
  2. Oh and I forgot my little frags have at least doubled in size if not tripled with much growth
  3. Thanks every one haven't had a chance to update in a while but have got some new goodies in there. I got my self a new marine sources skimmer the other week very happy with the performance of it. Some new fish and coral from when I posted last a couple of new hammers a yellow tang has joined the family along with 8 blue chromis I think that's all will get some pics up shortly Cheers olly
  4. Dosing is a bit of a night mare at the start just make sure you read the instructions for the dosing pump you get and the lights can't remember the name of them but if you have been to atlas aquarium my light are the same ones they have on there coral tanks they are around 150 watts each light I'm running 2 of them will pm you with more details later today I am pulling the lights down and will get some more info then Cheers olly
  5. Very simple design compared to some other marine sumps I've seen but is very effective and is what I need for how I am running my system am very happy how it is coming along:) Olly
  6. Will get some up soon just about to have dinner Cheers olly
  7. Just googled some pics of crispa's and yeh there is a couple of pics in there that look identical to it thanks very much for the knowledge
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