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  1. I have a 50L nano that has been running for a year. I only have LR for biofiltration, nothing mechanical. Tested my PO4 tonight- 0.0ppm (Salifert). Low stocking, feeding as they eat and regular water changes have worked well for me. My lights are only on for 12 hours and i do not run moonlights.
  2. Just adding photos because I am BORED and PROCRASTINATING
  3. From experience I'm agreeing with DeadFish.. I run a Blueplanet 50L reef nano. I've removed all the blueplanet equipment- installed new LED's, introduced a wavemaker and have swapped their pump for something stronger to run my chiller. My goal for the setup was to have something simple (less in more theory), with minimal equipment. I have no protein skimmer and my only filtration is from my LR. If you're looking for an AIO system and can't afford $1000+ I'd look at the Boyu HS60. Pretty sure they have some at Aquarium Warehouse on special for $450 w stand. Really sleek looking tank but you'd need a chiller because the MH lighting will heat up the tank. I wish I bought one of these before I started up my BluePlanet. BOYU HS-60 Reef Aquarium System
  4. Ahhhhhh crudbucket! So I came home today after being away since Monday and discovered that the top half of my LR has been cooked by the lights!! My awesome LR is now half dead!!! The light sits 30cm above water level, which is a good 50-55cm above the LR. Its a 72w LED. That has been set to 80% brightness.. Both corals are very healthy and are opening up fully so I didn't think my setting was too high but obviously I was wrong.. Looks like I'll be turning that right down to say 65%. The two corals in the tank should be fine with 65%. But I am so annoyed, I can see the whiteness from the LR all the way across the room with the lights off!! Ill take a pic tomorrow and post... sad panda
  5. So glad you pushed me onto LED's liquidg- I am never ever ever ever going back to T5's or MH
  6. Very nicely done tank, I totally agree with her
  7. LED lights have been fitted- took some DIY work as the neck was too long and sat over the end of the tank.. Just got a black laminated board and attached it to the back of the stand and then drilled the clamp into it- now sits perfectly above the water.. I have it sitting just under 30cm from the water level. Its day 01 of LED's so interesting to see how the 2 corals handle it over the day.. Lights are set to come on at 0715 with a 15min sunrise setting. The lights are off at 1800 with a 15min sunset setting.. I think I will change this to sunrise at 0600 and sunset at 2000. I have the lights set at 80% brightness but I will play with this setting depending on how my corals go. I will put some photos up today (although they will not do the tank justice). Parameters 7w 1d SG- 1.022 (did a 10L water change yesterday and miscalculated the amount of fresh:SW ratio to re-fill with.. Once some evaporates I'll just add SW to bring the SG back to 1.023) pH- 8.2 Nitrite- 0.0ppm Nitrate- 0.0ppm Phosphate- 0.25ppm (I keep saying this, but I am getting a Hanna Meter as API colours are sh*t) Ammonia- 0.0ppm Ca- 460 Alk- 6dkh Should I start dosing a alk/Ca supplement? My Ca is always nice and high but my alkalinity seems to have steadily dropped week by week (it started at about 10/11dkh and has gradually dropped to 6dkh over the past 7w) I REALLLLLY don't want to dose my tank but I understand the importance of keeping a stable alkalinity so will start dosing if need be.. I know the ocean sits at 7dkh so anything under that is definitely a worry. Still undecided about which fish.. I went to the LFS during the week and picked up a pink/yellow helio fungia and saw some ADORABLE one-spot occy clowns. Instead of the middle bar they just have a spot at the top near their dorsal fin. I'm sure normal people would just call them mis-bar clowns. So atm choice list is: 2x one-spot occys OR 1x yellow watchman goby OR 1x strawberry dottyback Can feel a re-scape coming on soon so stay tuned!
  8. Ok guys, pink gravel is OUT! Removed it yesterday because quite frankly it looked like sh*t. Moved the macroalgae over to the left on the left side of the tank. Its all looking rather bland atm and the lighting I have now makes everything look yellow- YUK- but thats only because I do not have the coloured bulbs for it, just 4x white. Soooooooooo LED's were ordered yesterday!! WOOOOP First time ever on the LED's and I'm pretty excited. Ordered the 72w clip on LED's from guppy's. Lights LED - LED High Power Clamp On Light - 72W LED CLAMP ON LAMP LIGHT FOR MARINE AQUARIUM - Guppy’s Aquarium Products Online - 72W LED CLAMP ON LAMP LIGHT FOR MARINE AQUARIUM Have a 4hr practical assessment today starting at 0900 and instead of studying I am on here, how predictable!! Anyway readings for today are as follows: 6w 1d SG- 1.023 pH- 7.8!! Ammonia- 0.0ppm Nitrite- 0.0ppm Nitrate- 0.0ppm Ca- 460 Alk- 7dkh Phosphate- 0.0ppm Yay, love it when they come back predictable.. Well except that pH is a bit low for my liking but in saying that I did move all my LR around yesterday when removing that AWEFUL gravel so I expected a difference. Should sort itself out I'd imagine. Ill do a small water change mid week... After my practical I think I'll go down the the LFS and see what coral they have- time for a treat I think
  9. Do you still have the link/name of the place you bought your LED's from??
  10. Good to see everything is coming along swimmingly for you
  11. Or i might just get rid of the substrate all together... hmm
  12. Hahaha ok guys, I had a numpty moment- well a couple moments to be honest and I feel like a complete meathead! I had my end point colours confused the WHOLE TIME. I must have tested my dkh 3 times and could not work out why the result was always 1dkh UNTIL I did a quick google search for the API alkinity instructions.. My end point colour is yellow not blue! I am an idiot. After further testing and awaiting the correct end colour my alkinity is: 8dkh!! So today I have added (100% Reef Safe) 2x turbo snails 1x neon green hammer All acclimatising as we speak I have also decided that the pink HAS TO GO! So will replace shortly with coral rubble grit (thin layer)- what would be a good size?
  13. Ok checked my parameters just now 5w Nitrite/nitrate/ammonia- 0.0ppm Phosphate- 0.25 (apparently) Ca- 500 Alk- 1dkh?!! pH- 8.2 When attaching chiller yesterday I did a 10L water change. I cannot understand what would cause my alk to plummet like that. My Ca is up and pH has always been stable at 8.2. Advice? What should/n't I do?
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