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  1. hey mate intetested in the moba colony would u be able to tell me how many how old and some pics

  2. i dont think flagtail can lick the glass hense useless. uv steriliser sounds interesting. how much r they and do the use much electricity. i waterchange once a week 20% running canister. i dont think more pleco as gold spot does clean all off. bit lasy sometimes changing filter foam bit try to do oce every few months.il chek nitratw tonight
  3. hi all just thought ild post what happened .bn did almost nothing in a 6ft tank. even though i got 6. gold spot pleco at 30cm did the trick. how ever over longer time period a particular type of algae like spots was impossible for any fish to get rid of even thouh i use sponge ans even that didnt work. only thing that worked for that was a scouring blade type stick and had to rigurously scrape glass with it to come off. so pleco helps heaps but in long run still needs hard work. otherwise only option left is cover patio so no light reflection gets to it al all.
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  5. I wanna thank madbob101 forgot his real name but he helped me get rid of 3 mangoe trees in the heat of summer some years bak for some fishies. His help worth 10 times more then what he got. So if u read this madbob cheers
  6. Not too sure if its green or brown. First one that's starts so think greemn. Also ill go get another bn I think. Then c what happens. Maybe 3 for 6ft? Or 4. But then the more I have the more they shit.
  7. Thoguht ill fill all in about this. My 18cm fronny ate my 6cm ish small front. I caught him out pulled small one out off mouth and put all small fronnies bak to small tank too riskey he seems to b still alive glad I saw it happen. Left 1 about 8cm still in tank. Won't risk the rest hahahaha.
  8. Man I just cleaned the back soo time consuming. Must b the natural. Light that goes in speeding up drity windows. Also my bn is one lazy mofo. Always hides only comes out when food dropped. I'm starting to thing window cleaning is a must no matter what u do. Worst job of my fish tank soo far. Water change I got it down pat takes about 15mins buit all I do is turn on tap sit around.
  9. Sounds good snails golden apple where can I get one or 2 how many u rekon. Getting stik wud b my last resort. I wana make it pretty auto if I can before I do manual work lol.
  10. I'm worried snails will breed I heard somewhere they breed like rabbits. Sofar seems like more bristlenose the go. Ill have look at long stik but that wud b last resort
  11. My tank is in hard place to clean the inside back. I have one bristlenose common in there. Any ideas on having it auto clean by certain sukerfish or more bristlenose? I have 6x2x2. Cheers
  12. Well guys just to let u all know I put 1 in about 3-5cm and nothing happened thenm I put all in and it cudnt be. Better. I just have a few rocks in 6x2x2 and all is fine
  13. R these still available I'm very keen

  14. I was planning to put only one cave in there. But if that's case I may need to put more stuff in. Not that I want to. Its 6x2x2 tank
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