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  1. Hi [MENTION=16722]Joshwd[/MENTION], The top on is a Xystichromis phytophagus aka Xmas Fulu which are pretty tricky to find these days and the second one as said by Mr [MENTION=204]mbunamad[/MENTION] is a Pseudotropheus Elongatus Mpanga
  2. [MENTION=5428]ozmo[/MENTION] is the man for Geo's. I have some of his fish, nothing but quality from him!
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  4. My Neolamprologus Meleagris were loving it! Did a 25% water change just before the storm hit and flicked my Eco-Lamp onto lightning mode and watched them get all sexy with each other!
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  6. Bummer! Well I guess I will have to keep hunting..........!
  7. Hey GB, sucks to here about the shovel faced fishes you have! Glad to see someone has them, might have to start looking south to get some more, maybe if yours breed in the near future and mine do too, we can do a trade and fingers crossed our fish haven't come from the same place in Sydney. Appreciate the comment!
  8. Still looking.........................................
  9. Awesome! Such beautiful little natives!
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  11. I hope so too mate! Cross your fingers for me! [MENTION=86]JB[/MENTION] got them from Sydney so I don't know of anyone with these here atm......!
  12. That they are Craig, hopefully I can get these guys to breed! They have been showing plenty of affection to each other lately and a couple of the girls have been preping their shells. Only time will tell! I already have one aquarium wanting juvi's if I get them to breed!
  13. Bummer mate, wonder why no one wanted a nice little aggressive Tang Shelly!?!?!? Such a rad little fish with plenty of attitude!
  14. So, anyone keeping these or know where I can find some?
  15. 6x2x2 -Orange Head Tapajo tank 18" Cube - Lamprologus Meleagris Tank
  16. I you can get live black worms and get them into the tank without anything destroying them, you could be lucky but other than that I got nothing! [MENTION=5428]ozmo[/MENTION] my man, anything???
  17. An 8 footer will be sweet! Don't worry about plants, just make sure there is plenty of sand for them to sift and forage! Also don't be afraid to feed them less than more, my fish get fed 1-2 times a week, keeps them healthy and the tanks clean as they look for any missed food. Some people might disagree with me but I have been doing this with a lot of my fish for years and never had any issues plus I had a nice clean and stable tank for them to live in!
  18. I was at Smith's on the weekend and all they had were similis. Other than that, nothing.
  19. If you do, make sure you get one big enough as they love the space to explore. My 6x2x2 is perfect for these guys!
  20. Thanks mate! Been there done that with Africans for years. I did miss them though hence why I have recently bought my Shellies!
  21. Yeah, totally underrated! Would love to get more of these happening and available in Qld!
  22. I don't know of any videos but this is my Oranage Head Tapajo tank, also talk with [MENTION=5428]ozmo[/MENTION]as he is the man with the best Geo's and knowledge of these beauties!
  23. I got mine (well half of them came from collecting from the beaches over time) from a Dollar and Cents store in Garden City, $2 a bag with anywhere between 18 - 25 shells in each bag. Not an easy shelly to find by the looks of things, be great if I could find some more!
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