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  1. Those recent photos will most likely look super amazing to snorkelers in ten or fifteen years time. We have been spoilt.
  2. I used to breed discus many years ago. There is always going to be one runt at the bottom of the pecking order. Some people deliberately use a crap fish just for this purpose. Or you can heavily over crowd to reduce the social heirarchy structure.
  3. One simple test would be to stop feeding for a week. If the water clears up satisfactorily, that will indicate your filtration is not up to the current feeding regime. You would have to reduce feeding or improve filtration (mechanical and/ or biological). Another simple test would be to use tap water for water change to see if that makes a difference. Don't change too many variables at once though.
  4. +1 Yes I agree it's a yellow diver too but there is a big fish in front of it. I had a blue diver on my very first tank as a 7 year old boy which faithfully lasted over 30 years. I finally buried it with ceremony before laying the slab of fish room #5. So its now part of several hundred tanks. Good to see they are still in vogue.
  5. Grover, From the Narangba place you mentioned, the 600mm size is almost $6K and the 900mm size is almost $7K. Have you looked at Zakki Sieves which also use wedge wire? http://www.deepwaterkoi.com/Zakki-Sieve-The-Direct-Suction-Pre-Filter-Zakki-Sieve.htm http://www.koiphen.com/forums/showthread.php?124954-The-NEW-Zakki-Sieve-Filters-and-a-breif-explanation-of-Wedge-Wire-Sieve-Filters Or thought about making a cetus sieve yourself? That's what I'm going to do. Unless I buy a Zakki instead Alternatively a simple settling tank will work well but doesn't remove organics from water column so your bio filter has to work harder. A 5,000L or 10,000L rain water tank can be used as a settling tank but takes up space.
  6. That's only an 8 hour outage. Unless your tanks are growout tanks and very heavily stocked, I wouldn't do anything, canisters included.
  7. Yes... why would a top chef want to work for a wait staff salary? Unless there aren't any restaurants left to chef for. Actually I just went to Pet Barn this morning to buy some food even though I have dry goods wholesaler accounts. Between my house and workplace, there are at least 4 Pet Barns and if that's not convenience, I don't know what is. I got politely welcomed and asked if I needed assistance at least twice. The only stumbling block was at the counter where the staff didn't realise the online 'click and collect' webstore price was cheaper than in-store and didn't want to price match themselves. But this was arranged in the end. Might go back after lunch for some other items I don't really need.
  8. BUT..... ! Thats the whole point. If a chain like Pet Barn has a business model that relied on good/ knowledgeable /experienced staff then they would fail. They deliberately choose a model that doesn't require excellent staff although I'm sure they appreciate having them. Experienced fish keepers aren't their target market even though a lot of experienced fish keepers shop there. Look at all their cat and dog customers. They shop there even though they can't buy a cat or dog there. That's a WIN for Pet Barn (sales) and a WIN (no livestock risk, sourcing, cleaning, training, etc) for Pet Barn.
  9. Yes, that comment is probably true. Scenario A: Everything looks happy & healthy but test kits say water is not quite perfect. So change filtration, substrate, food, tank routine, etc Scenario B: Fish don't look quite right but test kits say everything is good so don't do anything and accept periodic fish losses. Scenario C: Somewhere in between. In all honesty, some of my tanks do have over 350 ppm nitrate. It's a great way to trigger spawns of difficult species. If you water change weekly, how can you trigger a spawn with a water change? And some more honesty, not all my tanks have zero ammonia all the time. I'm not saying inaccurate test kits are good or bad, I'm saying it's not the end of the world to use cheap inaccurate kits. A bit of perspective is still needed.
  10. No harm in telling people what you think or what your experiences are but again.... i say, what is wrong with a nitrate reading of 160? It may actually be 250 or it may be 20.... do the fish look happy? Back to my cheap thermometer example. It might read 28 degrees when the actual temperature is 24 degrees. I don't mind if the fish are happy.
  11. I think its important to remember all these are quick cheap reagent kits designed to give you an indication (only). if you want accuracy, none of these are the product for you.
  12. I've decided to buy this book as a hard cover thanks to your post. I have "Adventures with Discus" by Bernard Degen who describes his true life experiences collecting discus in the amazon. Running into jaguars, communicating with local people and cultures etc. I've got quite a few aquarium books (over a thousand at last count). Some very old and tattered, some in foreign languages, some in pristine condition. Many out of print. The really good ones, I have several copies of. And the invaluable treasured ones I even have unopened copies of. The sign of an obsessed collector for sure. Bring on the next lifeline bookfest!!
  13. The main problem is a 1m deep tank should use 19mm glass. Unless someone wants a terrarium style tank (half filled) or a thin base, plate you will struggle to sell this here I suspect. Try selling on gumtree as a large glass sheet perhaps? Wider customer base that might want a door or window. Or one of the tank builders who can cut down.
  14. You need to be careful with hard pellets like Hikari Gold mini sinking. Look up "Calvus Rhino Horn". Presoaking to soften will help but not so long that the nutrients leach out.