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  1. I always buy 12 or 20 fish to grow out. Thats the old school price of finding the best fish you can. All fish gone now.
  2. Yes, yes, yes !! The Caltex near me has become Ampol too ! Even the staff shirts have changed. Someone must be psychic or has a crystal ball?
  3. Have 8 umbiferum juveniles about 5 cm if anyone can give them a good home. A mix of males and females They will need a very large tank/individual tanks. Prefer they go to a breeder. $0 for all. Pick up near Goodna. PM me to arrange. thanks Winston
  4. Yes, that's the danger of sharing video with locations. People are going to try to catch fish because they can. Even catch & release is quite stressful. Some of the nice freshwater creeks get hammered. Poor fishes
  5. Have 3 synspilum juveniles about 8cm if anyone can give them a good home. The blue speckled type. A male & 2 females most likely. $0 for all. Pick up near Goodna. PM me to arrange. thanks Winston
  6. While the stand is probably strong enough, it would only take a few minutes to add some 10G screws which are much stronger than nails. If you want to keep it neat, drill a 6mm or 8mm hole and hammer in some wooden dowel that can be cut off flush and sanded even.
  7. Poured down that night. Was a wise decision to cancel.
  8. There isn't much benefit adding vitamins to a wet or frozen food mix. Water soluble vitamins will quickly degrade. Fat soluble vitamins have terrible uptake for fish. If you dry the food (without cooking the vitamins) that would work but that's a lot of effort. using fresh (uncooked) ingredients and fast freezing is probably the best way to get good nutrition.
  9. Does QCG have a webpage? It's an outdoor event to reduce COVID restrictions. So if rain is predicted then not many people would turn up. It's a lot of effort to organise.
  10. Black Ghost Knife... ! Well done to those that guessed close. Im looking for a few more larger ones if you see any. Will probably have to grow up a dozen from small in the meantime.
  11. You can buy these overseas, online koi stores would stock. Or use standard 4mm gang valve and aquarium airline as a step up sleeve if you don't mind the bottleneck constriction. Or make up your own by tapping thread into PVC conduit and buying threaded valves. Very easy to do. Where did you buy 8mm weighted airline from? Does it require high air volume? I was going to use in fish transporters but ended up using several 250mm airstones instead which can use 8mm or 4mm airline. Much easier to replace and keep spares.
  12. Draining the tank will help. Probably not going to make myself popular but I use an electro fisher to catch very fast fish out of big tanks or with lots of rocks. Some fish bury themselves under gravel. You can dial up or down the current accordingly. It only stuns them briefly.
  13. I was growing up and looking forward to breeding this species but they are territorial unless you crowd them. I had three in the same tank but only two were coming out of caves to eat so I looked a bit closer and found this below... have decided to, separate the survivors. So the quiz is "What am I?". I'm happy to answer any questions with a YES or NO until someone guesses the species.
  14. Don't forget Adrian Tappins fabulous rainbowfish eBook. (free). Amazing photos and lots of information.
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