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  1. When space is tight, I deliberately overhang tanks off the rack to improve the access into the tank and reduce the number/cost of PVC pipe fittings. On 90 x 45 x 45 tanks with 6mm glass/base, I overhang the tank by 75mm regularly. Some old photos I have dug up below.
  2. Your first pond but experienced with block work? How did you know how much steel to put in or if it doesnt need horizontal bars? Are the PVC pipes sticking through the wall for pump (inlet) or TPR returns? Pot plants for a settlement and plant/bog filter ? Will you put in an overflow to stop fish escapes during heavy rain? Looks really nice, keep the photos coming. I'm full of questions cos this is something I'd like to do too. Maybe... perhaps... one day. ..
  3. Looks great, fast progress. Looks like you have done this before. No bottom drains? Will you curve the corners? What waterproofing paint/membrane are you using? Will you be using gravity filter or a closed (pressure) filter? Will it have a roof or any bird / sun protection? Do you need council approval for a pond?
  4. Are they red forest jewels or the bigger green ones?
  5. Welcome back. How is your sister in law heating the pond? In Brisbane? What volume and does she cover it? I'm trying to do something similar soon.
  6. You can buy piston (linear) air pumps, diaphram air pumps or blowers. The piston air pumps and blowers are the most noisy and can get hot since they have metal moving parts. Generally speaking they have higher air pressure and can pump air down deeper into the water with the blower having high volume and high pressure. Electrical running costs also higher. Some linear piston pumps need to be oiled. Piston air pump looks like this Blower looks like this I would use a diaphram air pump which is high volume, lower pressure as they are cheaper to run and quiet. All the bigger ones will give many years of reliable service without blowing diaphrams if you don't restrict air flow and create back pressure. There are lots of ways to do this. Google and other threads on this forum will help. Also quite a few brands, some sold as septic tank agitators, some sold for ponds. Diaphram pump looks like this
  7. I would just get one species if your after a display, not a collection. Although the most common, the surinamensis have the best finnage/colour / behaviour IMO for what your doing. Or heckelli...
  8. That's not a very big piece. You can scavenge the industrial bins of acrylic sign writers or acrylic related manufacturers. And if that doesn't work, ask them for a cheap offcut to buy. Orherwise, the same signwriters will have black vinyl that you can stick onto your clear acrylic. Bunnings also sell black corflute sheet ($5) that can be kept underwater no problems.
  9. No catfish? Tank sounds a bit too busy, 3000L isn't as big as it sounds.
  10. What do the dogs think of it?
  11. For a localised infection, i would net the fish out and smear/rub iodine gel directly on the area. Just avoid the gill area. Repeat weekly only if required. You can also drip undiluted "fungus cure" medication (acriflavine) but keep head up so gravity runs medication away from gills. One or two drops right where its needed is better than dosing the whole tank. Most infections are a result of poor tank conditions so look for the cause, don't just treat the symptoms.
  12. 20 cm gap is sufficient if you want to squeeze more tiers in. Another trick (for seasoned fish keepers only) is to over hang your tanks 12 cm out from the rack if your tanks are only 38cm water depth. This effectively increases your gap/access as the beam thickness of rack disappears. Rack tanks end side in as you can almost double the tanks along a wall. Bottom tanks 15cm off the ground to keep heat. Some finicky fish do get nervous down low but most growout fish don't mind. Any lower and the ground sucks heat significantly. Put some HDPE (plastic chop board ) squares under the legs of steel stands to keep them dry. If your not trying to squeeze in more tanks, disregard all my advice.
  13. Platy. Possibly sunset variety. 2 females and one male.
  14. So a brand new species, not on the allowable import list?
  15. Like most companies, the quality of work depends on the person building. Some companies only have one builder, others have several. And without mentioning any companies by name, I've seen glass being cut and tanks made by work experience labour. People who possibly have not kept fish or understand which part of a build can affect a fish keeper significantly. One way you can reduce this is to personally inspect the actual tank you will be getting before you buy or have it delivered.