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  1. Hamish, you might be thinking of allelopathy. It's where plants prevent it's own species from competing against itself, the biggest plants produce the most inhibiting chemical. This sounds counter productive but as soon as it dies, all its own seeds and competitive seedlings can thrive in its place.
  2. https://www.google.com/search?ie=UTF-8&client=ms-android-samsung-rev2&source=android-browser&q=zen+aqua+garden#lkt=overview&trex=m_t:lcl_akp,rc_f:nav,rc_ludocids:13862323887189456396,rc_q:Zen%20Aqua%20Garden,ru_q:Zen%20Aqua%20Garden,trex_id:qX3bXd
  3. I was flown down to Sydney to set up a filtration & automated water changes on a boutique aquarium store recently. Specialising in smaller and nature tanks. They had some beautiful plants including Madagascar lace. Do a lot of propagation in store. Very enthusiastic, knowledgeable & passionate. Send me a PM if you want details, I'm not sure if I'm allowed to publicly post.
  4. Most large signwriters will make acrylic tanks. Choose one that has large amounts of acrylic in house so you don't pay for custom orders/cutting etc. It is going to help if you know exactly what you want - flame polished, rounded edges, bracing locations, holes etc. If you are after a large tank (3m+) I would import a fabricated acrylic tank from China. Shipping containers can handle 12m lengths.
  5. Nice quality bloodstock. What country are you in? I dry fertilize to separate different males over a single female. What do you use for milt extender? 9% saline? Can the milt be kept several days with refrigeration? Thanks for sharing
  6. Double dorsal indicates gudgeon species. Possibly a female emperor gudgeon (without any verification). Look at mouth shape when comparing to other gudgeon specie photos.
  7. NGR Greenboard is available in various thicknesses (40mm - 120mm), grooved or flat surfaces. A 2.4m x 1.2m sheet of 40mm was around $16 from memory. You pay per cubic meter so might be better to use 2 thin sheets together with staggered seams so you can cover all join seams. It has anti termite additive which will stop cockroaches. Possibly not rats. Lyndons is a distributor but there would be others. The NGR Greenboard factory is at Yatala which allows pick-ups. The aluminium roof sarking and double sided tape provides reasonable insulation if you can tape to produce an air barrier.
  8. Wow, quite large already! So agree it's probably the wrong food. Can you culture what you find in the collection water? Rotifers for example instead of algae. It's probably not algae they seek if they are attracted to light. How saline is the collection sites?
  9. I've got 24 tanks all identical - 60cm x 60cm x 38cm high. Sliding lids, not drilled on two varnished hardwood racks. So 12 tanks per rack. 3 tanks wide & 4 tiers high. Set up with water bridges & overflow boxes. Home made box filters, drip water change. I think one tank has a leak. Has been empty for about 15 years as I've got lots of other tanks. Asking $800 for the 24 tanks & racks. Not willing to split. Located near Sunnybank.
  10. Water looks clear. Would be good to create an artificial shallow zone section to feed in. Perhaps a light coloured tarpaulin or shade cloth stretched out at one meter depth. That would let you view & head count them easily and give you a better chance to selectively catch individuals. Or install one of those Thai boom arm lift nets !? Did any crayfish survive the birds?
  11. I know they are protandrous (like Barramundi) to ensure genetic diversity so make sure you have old and young specimens. Can't help with breeding but I'm sure you will be successful if your determined. You only fail when you give up.
  12. Glad to help. Manual water change every 4 days is going to get tedious fast though. A 5mm tube in & 5mm tube out is all you need for auto drip water change. You could disguise behind wall skirting or tape to floor/under carpet etc. The major problem with not having to do water changes anymore is suddenly you can have more tanks.
  13. Advice is good but whichever solution that works best for your individual situation is something only you can decide. (Do you really need large frequent water changes?) If I needed large frequent changes, what I would personally do is implement a continuous drip in & displacement out. The waste drain line can be surprisingly small if you don't have a floor drain available because it's literally only drips. A bigger drain is always better in case you wanted to dump water quickly but not essential. Slow constant water benefits the fish, reducing temperature and water chemistry differences. Plus you don't need to do any manual water changes any more. Getting back to your plan, you don't need to chemically bind nitrite, the bio filter will strip it quickly but since you need to dechlorinate anyway, you might as well bind it. You will get a lot of waste water with RO which becomes low in mineral content. That would be an inefficient way to remove nitrite in my opinion but going back to my first sentences, it could fit your purpose well. Usually where I need RO water, I'd look to a rain water tank first but I do have several RO units. Factor in replacement membranes and carbon prefilter to initial cost of RO unit. Water wastage is about 70%.
  14. Your established bio filter will strip nitrite efficiently so you shouldn't need to do anything. It sounds like your an experienced discus keeper so you would know when they showing early signs of distress. Adding PRIME won't hurt if your worried. If you want to do very large water changes or store/treat water, a simple way to remove nitrite is to chlorine bomb, then remove the chlorine with any reliable dechlorinator or let the water sit a week to release chlorine/chloramine.
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