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  1. Looking for a scoop net

  2. Looking for a scoop net

  3. Eheim professionel 2227

    It's a flushing filter. The water level rises and falls to fully utilise all the biomedia surface. The rising water pushes old air out to maximize oxygenation. So it sounds like it's working well. The eheim canisters have slow flow rate in comparison to other brands but this doesn't affect their fish load / tank volume capacity.
  4. Peristance pays off.... and aquarium movers

    As you have steel stands and flat level floors, a very easy way to shift tanks/racks all by yourself is with a car jack and 4 small platform trolleys. Just jack up one end at a time and slip the trolleys under - wheel tank/rack into new position and reverse the procedure. Make sure tanks dont have water to avoid sudden weight shifts. Gravel is fine. You can hire the trolleys but it's fairly easy to make sturdy heavy duty ones for about $12 each. And bunnings sell small trolleys which I haven't tried as my racks are 12 - 30 tanks each. https://www.bunnings.com.au/move-it-134-x-43mm-triangular-premier-dolly_p3961554 https://www.bunnings.com.au/move-it-150kg-5-piece-lift-and-roll-set_p3940201 I recommend placing plastic chop board (HDPE) under your steel stand legs to keep them out of puddles. Spilled water takes many days to dry under legs. They make black plastic if you search.
  5. Giant Pink Gourami – Billabong Bayou

    Hi Grover, Settlement chambers work very well and super simple/reliable if you have the space. The chamber size is dictated by input pipe diameter. You want slow flow but not slow enough for settling in the pipes. There are other methods to improve settlement chamber efficiencies - suspended brushes, having an upward sloped bottom, radially reducing the speed. (Radial filter - NOT vortex), etc. You can bottom drain or sludge pump out depending on your situation. Unfortunately you have jumped to the wrong conclusion with cyclones (vortex). They are really terrible for ponds and only marginally okay with chlorinated pools (super clear water). That's been my experience anyway and I play with filtration a lot. One really good method of settlement chamber is to use your pool itself. You can retro fit bottom drains if the pool doesn't have any. To stop the fish stirring the bottom, I would use a double layer of plastic bread trays across the deeper section floors. Attach plastic flyscreen or shade mesh layer to the top one. Give me a call or email if you want to discuss offline. Could save you many thousands and months of frustration.
  6. Auto Dosing Pump Advice

    Hi, Sorry for late reply. I visit this forum less and less .... you will find better, faster responses/more informative replies elsewhere. As your intention is to EI dose 3 times a week and Glut everyday, the main aim is slow controlled availability (surplus) of nutrients. Step 1. So guestimate the nutrient amounts you wish to provide over say a week (which you have done). Step 2. Set up a slow drip into your tank to determine how much water drips in over a week. This can be airline with a valve or a pre-set rate irrigation dripper. Step 3. Add the nutrient and this amount of water into a slow drip container (not sealed) That's pretty much it since you have already premixed the nutrient. You will find an airstone in the drip container will prevent settling out and more accurate doses per drip. Although the drip rate will change as the volume of nutrient decreases, the total dose per week will be remarkably consistent. A long shallow container will maintain more uniform head height than a tall deep container. You will also find better results if the valve is right at your container or use a wide bore tube to your valve to keep a heavier head of water. And at the end of the day, this is just estimated dose (surplus). Just tweak as you go. oh and of course allow enough tank volume to add this amount of extra nutrient volume without flooding.
  7. Auto Dosing Pump Advice

    If you want a cheap method: 1. Premix the amount of fertiliser you want into a suitable sized container. 2. Place rhis container holding premixed solution over your tank with an overflow drain that leads back to the tank. 3. Place a small sized powerhead into your fishtank on a digital electric timer ($15) set to come on for a minute at the day/time you want to dose. 4. That's it. The powerhead will fill and flood the container when you want, washing your fertiliser into the tank. Just make sure your drain hole can handle the flow rate back to tank. There is an even easier way to dose but this is what you asked for.
  8. Help with BSB tank fitting

    My experience with uniseal through glass is hit & miss. It can take quite a bit of effort to push the pipe through even with lubricant or chamfered edges. And uniseals don't become cost effective until pipe diameters are large.
  9. Texas Cichlid HELP

    Could also be both males. Why don't you get another tank and another pair as this will double your chance of success. Growing up 6 - 8 fish together will also increase your chances of success. And if you can't find compatible pairs, you can breed them through a tank divider.
  10. Help with BSB tank fitting

    I use standard PVC pipe fittings with a rubber ring (seal) without silicon. Much cheaper and more choice of fittings than bulkhead/tank outlet fittings. Mostly for sieve and setting water levels.
  11. 45gall tank stocking help

    Most people love khuli loaches.
  12. Giant Pink Gourami – Billabong Bayou

    But there are other ways to fund raise. Suggestion 1 is a $10 entry charge to view the billabong. On top of that is a $5 plate of food/fruit purchase from you so guests can hand feed those pink oddities. $25 gets them a snorkel and $50 allows them to snorkel while you take their photo. Suggestion 2 is a $5 per catch & keep your own goldfish. An additional $5 entitles guests to 10 L of murky green water. Perfect for cycling new tanks and first live feeds for new born fish. Suggestion 3 is much simpler. Advertise & market for free home for any and all pink gourami nationwise that have out grown their tanks.
  13. Giant Pink Gourami – Billabong Bayou

    I'll donate $20 towards the new acquisition(s) Grover. I'm sure others will too. Start up a fund raiser. Whats the PayPal address?
  14. Is it possible to have an ethical hobby?

    I've been to several commercial meal worm farms overseas. The most successful model seems to be with 1m sized plastic bags as these are cheap and can be flat stacked on top of each other a few centimetera high to save space yet still easily transported/harvested/moved/monitored. The bags prevent mite infestations from spreading too. The shed sizes and production volumes were staggering. But this intensive production is similar to chicken cage culture. Highly unethical indeed.