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  1. Shipping Fish From US

    The US is not an accepted fish export country for Australia. So you would need trans shipping to a country that is approved to export here. This means two lots of freight and two lots of documentation. I have trans shipped fish several times but usually fly over to hand select the fish first. It's too much expense and effort to buy fish unseen as photos can be misleading.
  2. I use something similar to carry big tanks around with. Good padding for a trailer bed or ute tray. Hand trolley jack to shift tanks about single handedly or just sit on to paddle board around a pond/dam with. Otherwise, thick enough to make great fake rock backgrounds with.
  3. It's been scheduled for noxious in QLD for a while. Just a matter of time.
  4. Is The Hobby in trouble?

    This is a very true statement. I used to collect cichlids, keeping and breeding them as species only tanks. I stopped counting fish tanks once I reached 600 tanks. But it's much more challenging breeding neon tetras than most cichlids.
  5. What Section is Coming Back Friday?

    "Guess what section is coming to QLDAF" section?
  6. Is The Hobby in trouble?

    Yes, the longer you have been keeping fish, the harder it is to find new things. Once you have been through your display tank stage, your glass tank making stage, acrylic tank making stage, breeding fish stage, filtration design stage, water chemistry, fish nutrition, hormone induced breeding, line breeding, hybrid breeding, multiple tanks and multiple fish rooms stage, photography stage, planted tanks, tissue culture plant production stage, Metal Halide - LED - specialist lighting stage, aquarium book collecting, nano tanks, shrimp, catfish, rare fish, cichlids, native fish, monster fish, rare fish (worth mentioning twice), fancy goldfish, pond fish, fish collecting, coolwater, brackish, marine and software fish, very large tanks, ponds, swim pool stage, it does get a little harder. And there seem to be more smuggled and unusual fish available than ever before if you visit facebook I have quite a few tanks/fishrooms so I am always interested in keeping running costs down. Keeping water temperatures at twenty degrees and throwing a plastic sheet over racks. Using a $10 powerhead buried in a 20L bucket of gravel provides a good internal 20L canister filter.
  7. Ordering fish online

    I wouldn't mind an arapaima. Are they noxious in Queensland?
  8. Is The Hobby in trouble?

    The hobby is fine. More people have fish tanks than ever before. People will always keep and love fish, no matter what their wealth or social status is. I love watching kids fascinated with fish. Why does it matter what fish they have?
  9. Looking for a tank builder

    IMO going custom usually gives problems with stands, lids, lighting, filtration etc and resale (if you were to quit).
  10. You could try poly camlock fittings (and 2 poly taps). Or a section of PVC & barrel union?
  11. New display 3ft cube

    Yes... the house roof! I had to do that for my first 10x3x3 with a crane truck. But if you have big windows and a glazier mate then $70 is a great option.
  12. New display 3ft cube

    I got busted trying to jam the lift doors open. It triggered a stoppage and call out fee from the lift company so there was an akward body corporate meeting to go through.... luckily it was over shadowed by my trying to turn a spare bedroom into an indoor fish pond. It was a concrete building so i figured it was waterproof... but after ten days the neighbour below got increasing drips that took 3 weeks to stop even after i drained the room. I kindly offered a few empty tanks to put under each drip but that was coldly recieved. The carpet cleaning and ceiling repaint was a little expensive I thought. Sadly... this is a true story. I can't divulge my more colourful exploits, just the stupid ones.
  13. New display 3ft cube

    I did something similar about 25 years ago. I was living on the seventh floor of an apartment block and wanted a big tank for the living room. I measured up the lift, even made a mock skeleton wood frame and decided an 8x2x2 tank would just fit if tilted vertically on one end. So... i bought an 8x2x2 and it was too long by just 15mm. The staircase was too tight to use & a crane wouldn't reach the 7th floor. So I feel your pain ! Have you considered removing part of the roof? I ended up buying 3 6x2x2 tanks, easily fit into lift and chopped and joined them endwise into an 18 footer (with 2 vertical silicon lines).
  14. Fry proof tank divider

    Another sponge (quick swap) or 5mm sized gravel 2cm deep accross the tank would work.
  15. Sump Not Sealed

    It sounds like a side drop or internal weir, not a sump under the tank? If it's a side drop then don't need to do anything. The water pump in the weir will push water out much faster than the slow leak back. The water level will be much lower than tank water level unless the power goes off.