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  1. The treatment is similar for fungal or bacterial infections. If it's getting noticably worse you will need to treat. For mollies, I would use a 3% salt bath. That's 3 grams of rock or pool salt in 100ml (grams ) of water. Scale up as appropriate. So 300gm per 10 litres water. Mollies are happy up to 6% salt. Because you have plants, I would treat it in a separate tank or bucket then return it to the tank when fixed. If you don't have a separate tank/heater/etc then a few hours of salt exposure each day. If it's already gotten worse, you can net it out and apply betadine gel liberally directly to the area. Leave the fish in moist net but out of water while you do it but it may stain your net. Just avoid it's gills.
  2. That was a few years ago. Now I've got 12 tanks and I'm 200 years old! Ha ha. I make stackable floating tanks from PE containers and aluminium mesh. Heat transfer the mesh onto plastic with a soldiering iron. Also plastic flower pots in low water level tanks make great flow through tanks if you need to keep lots of fish separated.
  3. I cut glass to make a divider and slip it diagonally into a rectangular tank. So no finicky issues to hold in place. Even strong fish can't push it over or slip past. Glass is less noticable too. Or better yet, get extra glass and build a few more tanks if you are running out of room. If you have small or delicate fish, build or buy a floating net container. If you just want lots of cheap tanks and don't care about looks, use polystyrene fish boxes and a potable acrylic paint to seal. (taubmans roof paint). Easy to install drainage pipes. Can stagger stack 3 rows high & end on with half the box open. My first 200 tanks were done this way when i was 12 years old.
  4. Fish chicks has gone ? I'm still trying to get there... Steve Baines has another shop?
  5. Not that there is anything wrong with wooden racks. I use mostly wood myself but you can't adjust heights easily. If going with wood, use pine not hardwood as it is much easier to work with, lighter and softer. Hardwood will start to warp and twist as soon as the tanks are empty. And use screws, not nails as it's much stronger and can be dismantled. This is an older wooden rack of 3' x 18" x 18" tanks (end on) I built about 15 years ago. I deliberately overhang the tanks 8cm out of the rack so I don't need as many pipe fittings. And an example of PVC pipe bulkheads.
  6. I would visit a used pallet rack shop which will have used and new stock. There are several in Brisbane. Just be aware there are several different rack brands and to future proof, do check the availability of add on expansion parts too. Easily painted if you don't like standard colours. Those shops can modify the racks to suit 60cm wide tanks or keep the standard width (84cm) and rack your 3 foot tanks end on. In racking tanks end on, you can have twice as many tanks on the same stand and fish still come right to the front for food but will have privacy (promoting confidence) for breeding down the back. This behaviour difference alone is worth racking end on IMO. Or if you get tanks 3 foot long x 2 foot wide, you can keep almost twice the fish as a standard 3 x 18 tank including much bigger species. For bulkhead fittings, you can use male and female threaded PVC pipe fittings and a flat rubber washer. A 25mm PVC pipe fitting will need a 33mm glass hole. Or you use silicone sealant which isn't as convenient. If using silicone, don't thread the parts down tight - rather leave them a quarter thread loose until the silicone has cured then tighten down. So the silicone is thicker and becomes a gasket/compression seal. But the flat washers are much easier and neater. Send me a private message if you want a supplier for flat rubber washers.
  7. I've gone through 4 of the 300W Jaeger heaters in a week. The glass tube isn't as strong as they used to be, especially with bigger fish and I'm out of slotted pipe (heater guards). Luckily I bought a box of 300W petworks heaters at $15@ last year. They are working well.
  8. I do not see the value in attracting people primarily interested in buying or selling fish. If this forum did not have a buy/sell section, only visitors needing meaningful information or information exchange would join. Is that a good thing ? I guess it depends on this forums expectations and goals. Not having a sales section would increase interest in the breeders register and hppefully fish quality. Perhaps having a species swap (no sales) might promote community spirit. Another aspect is the disputes that often arise from buying and selling. Bringing disrepute to a forum which has little or no control on someone who wants to be malicious. Or not being able to mention non sponsor shops. Such a bad conflict of interest. Gumtree does Want to Buy & Sales very well. If a report was generated in the number of members that used the buy & sell section only, it would be revealing. It's getting easier to foster an online interactive community with technology improvements. Perhaps a weekly virtual chat session so people can recognise faces or create belonging.
  9. Pretty expensive sludge! I'm glad everything is working as planned.
  10. 2400mm x 1200mm x 40mm greenboard is about $16 per sheet from memory. Very easy to cut and re-glue back if cut wrongly. Even plastic sheet or roof sarking to create an air space barrier will make a difference.
  11. I use polystyrene sheet. The cheapest I've found is greenboard which is usually grooved but can also be bought as flat if you order in. 40mm thick is plenty for fish room insulation. 2400mm x 1200mm is a standard sheet. Either directly attach to your wall with adhesive or to the studs to create a space off the wall for additional insulation. I prefer silicone adhesive as liquid nails is almost impossible to remove later. And self drilling screws with collars right through the sheets into roof rafters to hold while glue grabs. Greenboard has anti insect chemicals impregnated but I haven't found this to be a problem and does stop cockroach and mice eating away untreated polystyrene which has happened to me. You could paint the greenboard surface if your worried about compensation drips into tanks. Insulation makes a huge difference in summer and winter.
  12. Hi Doug, Thanks for sharing your experiences. I'm going to write a book about the Australian fish keeping scene when I retire and get some time. Not a fish keeping book, but a book for fish keepers. So a collection of personal experiences from different perspectives. Not going to be a best seller but a lot of people have amazing stories that would be sad to lose. So most likely I will be in touch.
  13. I think reducing nitrate (and water change) would interest everyone. I'm told the next world war will be over water shortages. The best way to monitor improvement would be to have a similar tank running without any plants alongside this one for measured comparison. But if the difference is large enough, you may still be able to compare this tank to last year's memory for tank maintenance? I have tried denitrators in the past but never measured nitrate. The simplest was finding a 500M roll of black 4mm irrigation polytube I previously bought for constant drip water changes. I put a very slow flow of water through this roll which went back into the sump. In theory the oxygen would strip out and de-nitrification would occur. I used this for 2 - 3 years until I needed the polytube for a fish room expansion. Don't really know if it made much difference.
  14. Hi Steve, I do not understand why there is a desire to have a QLDAF Facebook page. I stopped posting fish for sale on QLDAF when I realised to my horror these adverts were getting exposure on facebook and facebook people I didn't know were contacting me. Actually I stopped posting here for quite a while as a result and don't visit that often so take my opinion with a grain of salt.
  15. That will be one less thing to worry about! Doug, can you share one of your favourite fish room or fish keeping memories?
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