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  1. A pair would fill the tank.
  2. Redlands to Close

    End of the forum too perhaps ... ?
  3. Help with BSB tank fitting

    My experience with uniseal through glass is hit & miss. It can take quite a bit of effort to push the pipe through even with lubricant or chamfered edges. And uniseals don't become cost effective until pipe diameters are large.
  4. Texas Cichlid HELP

    Could also be both males. Why don't you get another tank and another pair as this will double your chance of success. Growing up 6 - 8 fish together will also increase your chances of success. And if you can't find compatible pairs, you can breed them through a tank divider.
  5. Help with BSB tank fitting

    I use standard PVC pipe fittings with a rubber ring (seal) without silicon. Much cheaper and more choice of fittings than bulkhead/tank outlet fittings. Mostly for sieve and setting water levels.
  6. 45gall tank stocking help

    Most people love khuli loaches.
  7. Giant Pink Gourami – Billabong Bayou

    But there are other ways to fund raise. Suggestion 1 is a $10 entry charge to view the billabong. On top of that is a $5 plate of food/fruit purchase from you so guests can hand feed those pink oddities. $25 gets them a snorkel and $50 allows them to snorkel while you take their photo. Suggestion 2 is a $5 per catch & keep your own goldfish. An additional $5 entitles guests to 10 L of murky green water. Perfect for cycling new tanks and first live feeds for new born fish. Suggestion 3 is much simpler. Advertise & market for free home for any and all pink gourami nationwise that have out grown their tanks.
  8. Giant Pink Gourami – Billabong Bayou

    I'll donate $20 towards the new acquisition(s) Grover. I'm sure others will too. Start up a fund raiser. Whats the PayPal address?
  9. Is it possible to have an ethical hobby?

    I've been to several commercial meal worm farms overseas. The most successful model seems to be with 1m sized plastic bags as these are cheap and can be flat stacked on top of each other a few centimetera high to save space yet still easily transported/harvested/moved/monitored. The bags prevent mite infestations from spreading too. The shed sizes and production volumes were staggering. But this intensive production is similar to chicken cage culture. Highly unethical indeed.
  10. Is it possible to have an ethical hobby?

    Is it better to have moral intent (knowing something should be done better but not doing it) or not realising at all that something is bad? I belong to another (much worse) group that realise how bad things are and continue to do so. It doesn't really matter how someone perceives things or justifies actions to themselves, the fish just keep on being exploited and killed. A lot of ethics in the fish industry look at how to make people better off. Buy a fish - plant a tree etc. I don't think the fish care how ethical we think we are.
  11. Pond canister on aquarium

    I use a 20 L bucket with power head and short pvc pipe inside the tank as an internal filter. I use gravel for bio media. Only clean when flow slows. Gravel in mesh bags for easy cleaning. Zero chance of leaks. Get 3000 LPH canister for about $50.
  12. Is it possible to have an ethical hobby?

    How can keeping fish possibly be ethical? * Removing wild fish into captivity - even if some survive .... ??? * Mass producing captive fish just to live out their lives in a glass box ... ??? The most common cause of death for aquarium fish is actually over feeding. Not that food has anything to do with ethics. And removing feral /noxious fish to allow native fish to live .... who are we to say one fish species is better than another? The more fish (and other pets) we keep, the less ethical we are. I'm aware of this and continue to keep many hundreds of fish.
  13. What algae is this?

    Andrew, The humble black molly loves to eat that stuff.
  14. Eheim Heater Problems

    Where you place temperature sensor is also important for the controller. I had one fall out of the tank so the controller was measuring air temperature and kept the heater on until the fish were cooked (pink!). And on valuable tanks, I use 2 temperature controllers piggy backed in series. The emergency one set at a wider tolerance which is a failsafe for the main one. Cheap insurance for tanks which can get over heated easily.
  15. Eheim Heater Problems

    Conspiracy theories abound. The most entertaining one is that Eheim moved their manufacturing base to China for economic benefits and financial survival. Outsourcing it's licence to manufacture under the Eheim brand. However the very same factory also produces multiple chinese branded heaters. So not only the shift to cheaper materials but perhaps a deliberate lowering of Eheim quality checking to give Chinese branded heaters a boost in market share. Hmmmm .... ?