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  1. I have 2 BIG breeding pairs of bristle nose together. Both makes have developed white patches only on te flesh under their bristles. Girls are fine. Any ideas? Have they just been fighting?
  2. Hi all, Wanting to add a few juvi cuckoos in with my breeding e yellows, will they mess with spawns before they are at breeding size? Or can I breed the yellows with the cuckoos in there no worrys, until they are large? Thanks!
  3. I have a few ideas up my sleeve, I have an extensive history in sales and representative work. I walk into alot of aquarium stores and just shake my head, it's no wonder some of them close. I'd like the chance to put my money where my mouth is an see if I can make a good go of it. I understand every new store owner thinks they will be the one to conquer the market, but hey, maybe I just will! The problem with trying to be a specialist in a high end variety of fish is, you guys are all buying it here! Haha
  4. Hi, thanks for reading. I am merely putting out my feelers via this thread, however i would consider buying a preexisting aquarium buisiness if the right opportunity came along. So if your looking to sell, speaking to someone who is looking to sell, or hear something through the grapevine, please inbox me or call 0403596510. I'm sure this thread will turn into a business discussion, go nuts. Thanks in advance
  5. Moes scale of hardness says steel cannot scratch glass, so get a razor and go nuts
  6. maybe rinse them first, or soak in fresh water or even mild salt water for a bit first if you worried?
  7. im sure there is trial and development you could do in this regard, but maybe running the poly pipe through a glass tank might amplify the heat naturally? i want to try this!
  8. Just remember reading a thread about a guy who had a copper or alloy or maybe even steel (brake line?) spiral, and every night he would burn a small fire in the middle of the spiral in winter for a while. was canada or something. big pond
  9. I hear copper pipe is the go? in a spiral with an inline pump?
  10. Some good responses. So what temp should i let tanks get down to beforfe its a problem? 24?
  11. I run 5 tanks at the moment, and power supply (1 powerpoint only) is a concern for my fish garage. What are people planning on doing with their multi tank setups for the cold season? Downsizing? closing some tanks and putting more fish into less tanks? deal with the cold? heating? Keen to see what i can and cant do, at what temperature do africans stop being happy/healthy? Im not running heaters now, sitting about 26deg and they are breeding and happy. How low can the temp drop over winter?
  12. I put the fish into a net and whip it down onto the concrete as quick as possible. I doubt they feel a thing. In saying that though ive never lost a fish over about 10-15cm
  13. Go past your local "the good guys" or likewise after close, take what you want from their rubbish pile and dont make a mess
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