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  1. Nice work. I miss my umbees. Will b good to see a few more in the hobby.
  2. Still got the fish. Looks even better now. I'll try to catch it to take a better pic. And I haven't bred it
  3. Awesome photos mate.Discus look so much better in a planted tank than in a bare bottom tank. Cheers Leigh
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  6. Took some pics of some of my rams.These i thought where some of the best i have seen for a while.And my 5x2x2.5 planted tank which they are in.Bout to upgrade to gas co2.So will be having a few changes in the future.This is the type of growth you can get from t5 lighting and yeast c02. Cheers Leigh
  7. I find lg6 whiptails in my otto 450 nearly everytime i clean it.Those little buggers die so easily.You ls should be heaps more robust than the whiptails.Definatly clean your canister and have a look.
  8. I like the 3d personally. Awesome fish. They fight so hard on the end of a line.
  9. Thats not all of them either.Got 30-40 in another fry saver that escaped when i was transfering from the log. Prize is you can save me a headache from tring to count them myself.
  10. Thought this was a pretty cool pic of my babies in a fry saver.See if you can count how many Cheers leigh
  11. My peps like the round clay ones but they also lay in bamboo.best thing is to put various length and diameter caves they will pick what they like.So far the 397s like the bamboo but they havent laid yet.
  12. I never said I was tring to breed longfins just thought this guy was different to anything I have seen. I have no idea weather his traits will be passed on. Will have to wait and see.thanks for everyone's input will keep you updated. Cheers Leigh
  13. I was wondering if these where splits as well.Good work hitman.They are really good parents as well.
  14. Got these a while ago just wanted to confirm if they are 397s Cheers Leigh
  15. I kept this guy from a batch as he had a wierd tail Has always been like that ever since he was tiny,even had the white strip right around following the funny shape. He is now 8-9 cm and fanning in caves.going to breed him and keep a close eye on his offspring. He also has longer than normal pec fins(only a little) Tell me what you recon.
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