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  1. Yeah I'm 'banned' from ARUS apparently and I quote "If you set foot near my shops I will F**** you up" even if I was allowed on there premisses I still wouldn't have anything to do with them again even if they were giving stuff away! I couldn't recommend people avoid them more! but yeah $39. . I wish mine was that cheap o_0 cant really sit down an negotiate. . he lives in mundubra (spell check someone?) Ill pitch $350 to him coz any less and ill keep it anyway family or not. .
  2. thanks for the replys, this is exactly why I asked here, as i have no clue what it is worth, $350 sounds reasonable once i price everything up it adds up alright :S and I really have no use for them anymore. . . checked bank statements. . $660 for tank cabinet and hood is what I payed, not including filters or anything. . that was with custom stain and the custom size 18" with 8mm sides and 10mm base Im pretty sure. its thick glass for sutch a small tank!
  3. It was a custom job, I think I payed roughly $650 for the glass and cabinet/hood. . (expensive for something so smal if you ask me) but as far as background, filter, heater, light all that goes i have no idea. . . Ill try and get a photo up but there both kinda stuffed away in teh corner of the garage currently so be hard to get a photo, I may have an old one on here from when I first set one up. . . would $500 be a good price? or to high? hes not realy into fish so $500 may seem like a lot to him for something so small. . . hrm. . .
  4. Morning QLDAF, I haven’t been on here for a while (been busy with work and new responsibilities *sigh*) I’ve decided to get out of Fish to a certain extent and focus on my Career development and going back to Study (I know ill regret this!) I have two 18" cubes custom made buy the one and only Gary Maher, now I’m giving one to my Grandparents as they wanted something small and well 18" cube on nice dark stained wood fits well in their house. I’m not worried about getting any money from them. however My uncle has decided he would like my other cube If I was to sell it, My question is how much should I be asking? He’s got Money, but I'm not the kind of person to rip someone off, and he wants a full price not the 'Family' price. So can someone give me a second hand valuation please? 18" cube with sliding glas lid Aqua one Aquis 1050 Canister 3D rock background Fertilized substrate 150W aquaone Heater Single T8 fluro light Cabinet and hood Glass is still immaculate, stain on the furniture is still perfect, with a clean it would look Brand new. . . I cant remember what I payed to be honest but it wasn’t cheap all bought form Mark at Smiths. Thanks in advance.
  5. Nice work Ryan, All comming together very Nicely, I think I may need some alone time with the skimmer next time i'm around o_0
  6. hi mate just wondering if you still have that 6 foot for sale?

  7. Nice to see my old tank getting used well Aidan
  8. Curious, were is the best place to get good quality angels, and what types are going to be easiest to keep yet look stunning in a 5x2x2, I can scape the tank to suit. also what are good and 'bio type' correct tank mates i could opt for if i go with Angels. also scaping ideas? live plants vs fake plants, substrate type/colour water movement? I know I can read on the net but nothing really better than getting the personal input of people localy and there experience. Basicly I guess you could say im after a QLDAF begginers to advanced guide on keeping/breeding Angels.
  9. Morning All, Ive had my DSLR for a long time now (4 years almost) and I sitll havent really taken any time out to learn how to use it properly, or get the best out of it. Ive shot a few weddings with a friend who is a photographer and had some good feedback on some of my photos, but nothing great. Its a Nikon D90 still wiht kit 18-105 lense and i got the dual battery grip as I have fat hands. Most of the time I shoot on Auto with no flash and then look at what settings the Camera chose for that situation and am trying to learn what my settings should be in situations buy that. any good online reads/ free courses I could attend to help improve my skills? I don't want to make a living form Photography I would just like to be able to take a photo with my DSLR that doesnt look like my Grandmother took it with her iPhone. . thanks (also how bad is shooting in the rain for your lense. . . I did it the other night, it seems fine just heard it can be quite nasty for the lense?)
  10. Work hard 6am till 4-5pm 5 days a week, put your hand up for every after hours support job that comes up, and stay single and its surprising how much money you can end up with in the end, not a lot but more than you think you will, Id say sell off the tanks your not spending any time on and focus on a few setups, im downsizing aswell, Id say sell em all bar the 5x2x2 as you still havent payed me for it (not really concered dude) and the 2x2x15. Patience is key, Ive had the big income and got loads of tanks then when you loose that big income you end up having to sell up, and im mutch happier to be looking after 2 tanks one big and one small then stressing about working 50-55 hours a week and not having time for the others. See what we can do for you thouh, somone might trade you some Fronnies for your other gear?
  11. Bad plant selection and lack of aquascaping skills is what killed mine, what type of DIY C02 are you using? ive been looking at soda stream canisters. . . (I do ahve a full setup but just been thinking of other options for small tanks)
  12. I love watching other peoples planted tanks come together. . as mine didnt
  13. Possible job change follwed with a relocation, costing to much money to run/maintain on my tight budget dont have the time/ dont have the space
  14. Morning QLDAF So it looks like I have to downsize to basicaly no tanks. . which is good I guess it means more time/money(not really) can be put into this one 'project'. id did up a very rough 3d render of the frame that will support the tank, still not 100% on the pannels/cladding for the tank although Mike has given me a name and number to give a try. ive got an structural engineer here at work doing the calcs for me on how strong my stand design will be using a few types/thicknesses fo steel. The framework is all 75x50mm steel (overkill but I plan on this think beeing able to hold up a house) if I coudl draw I woudl sketch up how I want the finished product to look. . . but i can't draw. . basicly the front will be a single giant gull-wing door on Gas strutts to help with lifting and the sides both fixed securely, A few advantages to the giant open front is if/when I finaly get a 5x2x3 and sump it I shouldnt have any issues getting a big arse sump under there. aswell as it will look kewl. so heres the screen shot of what I have so far, hopefully by some time nextweek I may have an engineered render with joins and what not added.
  15. get convicts first. . let the convicts breed. . . grow up baby convicts. . . when there all decent size, catch them all and then replace with fronnies. . . we all know that the Mrs doesnt pay enough attention to the tank to notice the slight change in fish, to her there still blackish whitish striped fish. . . Problem solved. . except for the case of the new found low bank ballance. .
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