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  1. Thanks guys, Peter m could you please pm me his details
  2. Hi guys, I'm curious about keeping discus and wanting to discuss do's and don't' s of caring for these fish. I'm also keen to find a good breeder so any recommendations would be appreciated. thanks Jim82
  3. cleaning calcium build up

    Thanks for the help Jim82
  4. Hi guys I'm after a safe chemical or something to clean my 6fter inside and out, some help would be appreciated. Thanks Jim82
  5. Hey Jim great to meet you today. Thank you for the beautiful fish :)

  6. diy canister filter

    thanks for the input guys I was going canister just to avoid drilling holes in the tank. If I could get some help with the sump and or some instructions, list of needed materials etc. it would be appreciated
  7. Hi all. Im going to attempt to build a Pvc canister filter to suit a 6x2x2. I have a 2200lph powerhead pump pvc etc just wanted some advice on pvc cement and prefered silicon if someone with expirience could help would be much apprieciated