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  1. Im looking at getting a tank made, about 2.5 long, 2 foot high by 1 foot deep anyone know who i should contact for this? it wont really be holding too much water, it will need a divider about 12cm high down the middle which will have water on one side of it thanks
  2. jus get some cheap feeder goldies and throw them in, they are about $1ea and that way you know it will be done As you said good to use the media from the other tanks too, that helps heaps Even rocks etc from the other tanks
  3. my eyes started stinging when bryan and I were carrying the tank down all those stairs and his pants started to fall down
  4. haha yea, be careful what you keep with them, the only problem I have ever had with them was they smash each other, you remove the dominant one and the one getting smashed becomes the new smashee...only have 2 left, dunno how long for haha But I have them in with silver dollars, clown loaches, eeltails cats etc and they are fine with them
  5. yea get a few scats, just remember, the scats and archers occupy the same sort of area in the tank, middle to top Defs get eel tailed cats Maybe even a grunter or 2 If your in brissy try mappins nursery, best thing ive ever done. Google them.
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  7. i use it and love it! i normally put it in every 3 months or so after a massive water change and filter clean how smelly is your water. it will always have some sort of smell
  8. benni's are very nice, would recommend them! plus for all the girls out there and some guys benni is cute
  9. im not an african man myself, id either go for a massive geo planted tank or a big native tank! up to you tho mate
  10. what about the no light thing, does that matter?
  11. haha yea its even worse bringing stuff down when someones pants start falling down haha yea might jus stick with the BN atm, with their fry is there any special treatment? Could I add a trio of peppermints in there as well? Does it matter if there is no light in the garage except for if i put their light in the tank on? How often should i have the light on haha all these questions i feel like a newbie again!
  12. haha i thought i should put that in, but forgot...NO CONVICTS!
  13. Heyyyyyy Got a nice 4 foot tank with stand hood and filters and about 10 or 15 bristlenose in it...$150! It was my uncles and he wanted it gone I relly could not be bother dragging it stairs (I live in top unit) so I was going to keep it in my garage, maybe jus leave it there and let the BN breed or something Never bred BN but I KNOW the is atleast one pair in there, what do I need to do? It has a light in there so should I put it on a timer, the garage is pretty dark, that shouldn matter should it? What else could I breed in there, going to divide it, dont want to have to worry to much about it though, dont want no sensitve lil fish that need everything perfect!
  14. wow awesome response dude! will be looking for somethis week does the tank need to be cycled to add plants? is 2 foot to small, these fish are more of a community fish so you can have a few more? an avenue of fishkeeping ive never really been down!
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