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    I'm currently enjoying having all the kids grown up and moved out. I wish their fish would have gone with them.
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    My display tank, lawn bowls & mountain biking. (biking is getting more difficult with age)
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  1. Hi,

    I'm after some angels for Wifey's display tank. Would you be available Saturday morning?


    1. ssdiscus


      Yes, at some stage. How is either 8am or 11.30am? Ph 0408 837 179

    2. The Wombat

      The Wombat

      Thanks for getting back to me. 11.30 is fine. Can I have your address?

    3. ssdiscus


      It's 16a Laconia st, Mansfield. Not number 16. Blue concrete letterbox.

      Cheers, Shaun

  2. After many years fo keeping American Cichlids I'm planning on doing an African Dispaly Tank. What are the pitfalls I should be looking out for and what types of Africans are most suitable together. I'm looking for colour and ease of care.
  3. I use salt at water change time. Usually 1 table spoon mixed in a litre or 2 of water as I'm filling up the tank. tank is 6 foot & I also have a 4 footer. Same dose. I have plenty of Clown Loaches and corys and no harm done. Had the loaches for about 8 years and not one death. I also find that some fish like the salt, had some chromides and they loved the water change.
  4. Looks like L397's to me. The Tripple colouration of the fins is the give away here.
  5. Thanks for the info Brenda, I owe you.

  6. If you can see in the breeding cave/log, that will do. Once eggs are hatched, in about 5 days, they will hang upside down in the top rear of the log for up to a couple of weeks sometimes.

    You can see the little eyes reflect with a torch past the males body. Once you see that, upend the log into a container till they all fall out and then you can move them or put them in a fry saver in the main tank and return the male in his log to where you got it from.

  7. Hi Brenda,

    Panda Pete recommended I contact you.

    I have got few L202's that I've got from various people over the last year or so, and I'm interested to know if they are likely to breed?

    My intention was to have these lovely L's in a display tank but I realize that things might happen, as they do, and I don't want the fry to be food for the larger fish. They seem to be thriving in my community tank but is there anything I need to do if I put them into a tank on their own.

    Your input would be appreciated.



  8. Hi Pete,

    Do you have any L002's?



  9. Hi Pete,

    I noticed that you use Microvit (Aqua-Life) food. Yellow and white container.

    I was just wondering where do you get it from?

    I use this too and I'm finding it difficult to get.



  10. Ah, condies crystals. There wan't much else to use in the bad old days, but it is effictive. Bleach is also too harsh. As bogan8er says.... Boiling water does the trick.
  11. Holland Plastics on the Gold Coast. Industrial Plastics in Brisbane. Both places sell to the public, just call with the size and they'll let you know the price and when it's ready to be picked up.
  12. Why are you using pimafix? A small amount of aquarium salt will help instead of the pimafix.
  13. I personally think they are good after reading most of the info on the site. it's probably good to get a unit that will do it easy. I still want to do a bit more research as I don't expect they would put negative feedback on the web site. It is still advertising after all. Anyone else using this filter?
  14. It recommends to inject the feeding solution directly into the filter. I had a picture in my mind of feeding into the tank. That clears it up a bit. Where did you get your filter from?
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