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  1. if anybody was thinking of attending the NSWCS October Auction in Sydney we have had to postpone it until November due to the venue becoming unavailable
  2. Looks like a pair the female rams get spangles in the mid body spot
  3. Totally agree @pony-tail LED is the way to go
  4. Awww you are such a nice guy Ray
  5. Hi Daniel It is the wrong body shape for Hap ahli / fryeri AKA Electric Blue did you buy this fish or was it given to you ? as Mick said it's a male, not Aulonacara (Peacock) and possibly a Protomelas spilonotus Tanzania your pic is very dark and doesn't show much detail of the fish, some better pics would help
  6. They would have second look and check locale but they are L. caeruleus We used to have the Nkata Bay varient years ago as L fryeri
  7. either buy a sponge filter from the sponsors or make an ice cream container filter with gravel
  8. Devilscry not easy to find these Smiths are your best option if a local shop has any you could also try some of the Tang groups on FB think you need 5 post to get access to classifieds
  9. I suggest you try here http://www.fishchick.com.au/ the site you linked to is Thai based and unless you have access to import not much can be done with except read it and learn Jodi imports Betta and has a many contacts with the Asian breeders easy and robust = less fancy like the Plakat
  10. try https://www.premierpet.com.au/
  11. sleepy cod, Saratoga, large gudgeon, archers, mangrove jack until it outgrows the tank anything that the catfish cant eat
  12. Blacey88 you need to get your posts up to open access to the classifieds
  13. Anna what are the kH and gH levels ? Carbonate hardness is what stabilises the water parameters but also increases pH the pH levels will vary in a planted tank with plants absorbing and releasing CO2 You can buy demineralised water in 4lt contains at Woolies supermarkets that you can add to your pre conditioning drum for water changes to reduce kH levels and drop the pH drop a couple of containers in and test
  14. A lot of the American cichlids have been here that long they don't have a collection location another big American you could consider is Festae keep an eye on the classifieds here and also Petlink , Gumtree and some of the Facebook groups You may find adult or sub-adult one in a shop but usually only fry
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