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  1. Fish for Sale

    Think you need to have 10 post before you can access classifieds
  2. try and find a copy of Ad Konning's Tanganyika cichlids in their natural habitat
  3. Mangrove Jack Experience

    8 x 3 x 2 or 8 x 3 x 2.5 tank size with a sump what size fish are you looking at or have ? haven't kept a large one but know people that have and they have them in brackish personality varies with the fish they like a space of their own, but out and about especially feeding time look at something to secure the lids and maybe a feeding port unless you like water everywhere
  4. Filter recommendations

    FX4 get good reviews and would fit the tank size both Tech Den and AoA have them for $539.00 don't forget to add the 10% discount code for QLDAF members
  5. always enough Grovers adventure at the Billabong
  6. Looking for Rainbows and Rhads

    Rainbowfish Australia group on FB
  7. Dan - Gold Coast

    might need a re think on this one with the Koi https://www.daf.qld.gov.au/fisheries/pest-fish/noxious-fish/carp
  8. Tilapia Mariae

    they are NOXIOUS = if caught with them expect a fine and possibly a fish kill of your stock because they are there from DPI https://www.daf.qld.gov.au/fisheries/pest-fish/noxious-fish/tilapia
  9. Tilapia Mariae

    Hazelwood pondage was the cooling pond for the electricity power station owners pulled the plug and shut it down so no hot water infeed just google Hazelwood pondage
  10. Carbon hardness stabilises pH levels so maybe look at one of the buffers on the market Seachem , Aquasonic, Aquapics to add when water changing this adds trace elements also Do you have a barrel to pre set your water parameters or just from the hose
  11. Hi Nate84 I'm guessing you are in St Marys NSW so ...................... Labyrinth Aquarium at Campsie give Andrew a call any day but Tues 16 Ninth Ave Campsie NSW (02) 8068 4853 you could also try Sorroz on ACE forums
  12. need 10 posts to access classifieds if I remember right
  13. if you want a smaller whiptail look for the Red L010a AKA Red Lizards
  14. stevo wc moba

    you list it as WC Moba so that should be the Zaire type ..... what did you buy it as ? pic is ordinary but ....... LH looks female not as developed in the head and RH looks male long fins head hump bigger facial features
  15. for Rainbows look at Praecox (Neon Blue Rainbow) they are a smaller form for a sucker cat look at Peppermints or maybe smaller Whiptail types standard Parva or Red as Royals will get too large