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  1. Lived in Nelson in the South Island
  2. Hey every1! After afew years out of the hobby I’m back. Moved back to nz 4 family reasons but have since moved back to Rockhampton. I setup a 4ft marine aquarium and was loving it but just couldn’t get the catfish out of my head haha. I’m a huge fan of the Blackwater setup. In nz I had a 6ft running with uaru and geo plus many pleco and whiptail cats. I have since sold the marine setup and started with the Blackwater again. So starting the great fish hunt all over again. The Fishroom build is coming along with all the plans in place. Have a 8x3x2 that will go at 1 end as a show setup and then 2 walls of 2/3/4ft tanks. I have found some common and royal whiptail so have that sorted and think I have some reds coming at some stage soon. What I’m after is so if the other types twigs crying whips giant whips that kinda thing so if any1 has a good contact let me know would love to see afew other Blackwater setups or whiptail breeding setups if any1 has some photos post away! So yea just a big hello to every1 again and hope to be doing afew trades with every1 in the months/years to come
  3. I was also away from the hobby 4afew years. Moved back to nz and had afew fish over there. When I got back to aus and started keeping fish I seen that most forums had all but died off. It’s seems to be all about Facebook now. I loved the forum days has it seemed like every1 was helping each other with great info and lovely fish. Now with the Facebook stuff a lot of the older keepers kinda keep to themselves I guess and we have lost a lot of the great info and fish contacts from the awesome forum days
  4. The rope was there more 4looks than anything. I looked at the tank today and the crack starts at the bottom where the glass has bin chipped away and runs up the tank. I drove like a nana tank didn't move at all on the back. So def wasn't the rope. Oh well this kinda thing happens. I just fix her up
  5. Yea not good. Will replace the end and give it a good clean up and it should be good. Lucky I only paid $50 4the tank in the 1st place
  6. Yea I was told to move it this way so gave it a go. The rest of the trip was 150km with no damage at all. They used a crow bar to get under the tank and lift out of the stand
  7. On the back of a ute. Put down a queen feather blanket some towels then tank on top. Feather pillows on every side
  8. Hey guys just picked up a 6x2x2 today now when I looked at the tank yup sweet no damage. The stand had a lip on it that the tank kinda sat in so getting it off the stand was not easy! Anyways the guy I got the tank off said yea I no how to do it I'm moved it heaps. So I left him and his mates to it and sure enuf they had it on the back of the ute no drama. Now it gets messy. On 1 end of the tank was back ground and I was thinking mm y would u have it only on 1 end so I looked and no crack all is good. The old owner said that the sun came thru that side in the arvo and he had a hard time with the glass going green. Yea fair enuf I was thinking. Any who tied the tank down and went on my way. Stopping at a servo just down the road to get fuel and that's when I seen it. The end of the tank now has a crack in it!!! So looks like I'm going to have2 replace 1 end of the tank. Now what is the best way to do this? Some people say u have2 rip the tank 100% apart and rebuild the whole tank. Is this tru? Any hint or tips would be very handy!! Thanks!
  9. Yea I still got it haha. Thanks Lilly I'm just happy I can still use it I'm a mechanic by trade so would have bin a bin change 4me if the damage wasn't fixable.
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  17. The top bit pushed down on the silicon.. The small bottom bit did not.. You can now c what I was dealing with lol
  18. Yea mate I still get a little funny when it comes to a tank clean
  19. Hey all just wana say hello as I've just started with fish again after being out for awhile. I have a little story for every1 to have a little read. So last year I thought I'd get back into pleco again so spent a weekend cleaning up tanks and sorting some things out. The next weekend I went out on a hunt 4some wood in a place that had some nice bits in the past. Was about 10am on a sat morning my flat mate and I took off on the hunt. After about an hour of looking I came across 'the one' that bit of wood that just looks perfect!! The whole drive home I'm looking at this big bit of drift wood thinking far out this the best one iv seen! So we get home and I'm right into cleaning this thing! Now this is the part everything goes very wrong... I had an old 3ft tank outside that was good 4nothing that I started to clean this wood in. Now at this point I'm getting very excited as the mud and dirt is being washed off and this bit of wood starts to come to life and looks amazing! I had the hose running on slow as I scrub the wood.. With my left hand I washed the mud off and then did something very very silly!! I went to fish around in the dirty water 4the brush with my right hand and without thinking BANG!!!!.. This pain just rushed over me and I froze dead still 4 Agnew seconds thinking what has just happened.. With my left hand iv just lent down on the brace across the tank! It snapped about an inch or so in from one side. Now the other part has swung down into the tank and iv cut myself with the small part still on the tank. Blood going everywhere I finally start to move and look at my arm.. It's cut clean across the wrist. Now my mind starts going crazy!! People die from a cut to the wrist and mine goes across and up both sides kinda like filleting a fish!! The worst is yet to come.. Right away it hits me.. 3fingers don't seem to work! Now I start to yell out. My flat mate comes flying out to c what had happened. I grab an old towel from the fish room and start running around the back yard. Being that we r both from nz we couldn't remember the number 4 an ambo!! And with the amount of blood now all over me I didn't think I had long to go.. So into the work ute we go and start our drive up2 a and e. I had my arm out the window so I didn't get stuff all throughout the ute. But not thinking the ute is white and now there is this big line of blood down the door!! So after a 15min drive we made it and after a week of ops the connect everything back up I got out. So it's bin about a year now and hands not 100% but in still alive lol. So a message to everyone.. I no we all get excited over fish and sometimes do things without thinking but please be very very carful with a glass tank! And remember that little brace across the tank could change everything!!! Sorry about the long story lol but I'm back and ready to start collecting Ls again. So a big hello to every1 and look 4wd to dealing with all of u in the future
  20. hay guys i have 2big pair of royal whiptail and a group of 10 LG6 breeding whiptail. i get eggs all the time and 100s of fry but i cant seem 2 keep many alive.. so any help on food,water,tank set up would be great i get the fry to about 2weeks old then bam huge die off. the 2 tanks the fish r in are 3ft tanks about 200L each.royals in 1 LG6 in the other. is there 2much water space 4the lil buggers ta find food? the tanks have 4 big sponge filters in each tank no stones some wood and plants. any help would be great guys also keen for some red whiptail if ya have any lol. thanks
  21. sweet bro! how big is she? iv got a pair that tryd ta breed in tank with alot of other fish but didnt come toanything but i didnt think mine would b big enuf
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  23. hay guys im looking at getting some fish from a mate down brissy hes living in ipswich. its some whiptail and some pleco but i live so far away!! rockhampton. could any1 please please help me getting these fish to me? il pay some xtra of some1 could help out a fellow fish fan thanks so much guys just need them shipped up by some1 who nos what they r doing
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