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  1. anthryn

    Freshwater Moray Eel

    They were $450 and around 25cm
  2. anthryn

    Freshwater Moray Eel

    Cool. Just keeping natives at the moment.
  3. anthryn

    Freshwater Moray Eel

    They were my go to when i had marines.
  4. anthryn

    Freshwater Moray Eel

    Nielsens is awesome! Great setup!
  5. anthryn

    Freshwater Moray Eel

    Probably because its mainly a plant nursery with an aquarium at the back.
  6. anthryn

    Freshwater Moray Eel

    West End in Brisbane.
  7. Hello, not many posts in this section for a while, so... Anyone seen the Freshwater Moray Eels for sale at Mappins?
  8. anthryn

    QLDAF need to change this

    7 weeks ago. Here i was waiting and hoping someone would reply to my post, but never knew things get archived. Maybe if the admin gave people a warning that its about be archived. @gingerbeer your blunt attitude is not cool. And just makes me want to not be a part of this forum if the people running it are just rude! And it seems you only listen to the same people suggesting things on here. So i won't worry about suggesting anything else or "asking nicely" for any help. Thanks
  9. anthryn

    QLDAF need to change this

    Thanks for the facts...
  10. anthryn

    QLDAF need to change this

    Hi, Why do posts get Archived? I just had a look to see if anyone had responded to a WTB post in the Shrimp Trader, and it is now 'Archived' and nobody can reply. So am i meant to post again? This kind of thing is probably the most disappointing part of the forum. Used to be able to find old posts and conversations, which made a great database and library, but so much has disappeared. Thanks
  11. anthryn

    Pet QLD grouper

    Gday. post in the Other Fish section of https://www.qldaf.com/forum/5-qldaf-aquarium-trader-classifieds-wanted-for-sale/
  12. anthryn

    Freshwater Moray

    Looks like it says 'Freshwater' with 'Marine larvae stage. And in the 'More Info' section says it inhabits freshwater year round. Ive heard of guys keeping these for over 5 years in pure fresh. Such a cool looking thing.
  13. anthryn

    Freshwater Moray

  14. anthryn

    Freshwater Moray

    Dunno if it's for sale. Didnt have a price on the tank.
  15. hey hey, anyone seen the Freshwater Moray at Mappin's in West End? Stunning fish! Would love to see more of these available.