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  1. Hi, Have a pond fully cycled and ready for a school of Rhads. Anyone have any available? Thanks
  2. Cool. Just keeping natives at the moment.
  3. They were my go to when i had marines.
  4. Nielsens is awesome! Great setup!
  5. Probably because its mainly a plant nursery with an aquarium at the back.
  6. Hello, not many posts in this section for a while, so... Anyone seen the Freshwater Moray Eels for sale at Mappins?
  7. 7 weeks ago. Here i was waiting and hoping someone would reply to my post, but never knew things get archived. Maybe if the admin gave people a warning that its about be archived. @gingerbeer your blunt attitude is not cool. And just makes me want to not be a part of this forum if the people running it are just rude! And it seems you only listen to the same people suggesting things on here. So i won't worry about suggesting anything else or "asking nicely" for any help. Thanks
  8. Hi, Why do posts get Archived? I just had a look to see if anyone had responded to a WTB post in the Shrimp Trader, and it is now 'Archived' and nobody can reply. So am i meant to post again? This kind of thing is probably the most disappointing part of the forum. Used to be able to find old posts and conversations, which made a great database and library, but so much has disappeared. Thanks
  9. Gday. post in the Other Fish section of https://www.qldaf.com/forum/5-qldaf-aquarium-trader-classifieds-wanted-for-sale/
  10. Looks like it says 'Freshwater' with 'Marine larvae stage. And in the 'More Info' section says it inhabits freshwater year round. Ive heard of guys keeping these for over 5 years in pure fresh. Such a cool looking thing.
  11. http://fishesofaustralia.net.au/home/species/3814
  12. Dunno if it's for sale. Didnt have a price on the tank.
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