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  1. Possibly a dragonfly larvae (mudeye) or a water beetle hiding amongst your plants.
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  3. Very Cautious About My Future Setup (3tier 6foot) Yeah, I'm a little worried about future plans for a 3tier 6 foot all by 15inch wide. Buying 6 foot and 2 3fters but thinking about putting another 3fter and a sump so pretty much 2x 6x15x18 then a 3x15x15 and a large 2or3ft sump. What I want to know is what's the best way to hold them top bottom middle and if I buy a metal rack from Odin's fish will it hold (I am thinking of grinding it up a bit and welding bits back together, it's the 2 foot tank holder that's 7ft by 5ft by 15inch). Any help would much appreciated. It'll depend how strong the welds are and the gauge of the steel that you're using. Don't forget that 2ft tanks are a lot lighter when compared to the thicker glass used for the larger tanks. Also, make sure that the bottom tanks have enough clearance from the floor, otherwise it will be a pain to drain when you're doing waterchanges.
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  5. Mycobacterium marinum, commonly known as fish tuberculosis and which can spread to humans, can cause ulcers in fish. It is best to make sure you do not have open wounds or sores when handling aquarium water, fish or other items in contact with the aquarium.
  6. Amazing video. It's the first time I've seen a video of anyone succeeding in getting "driftwood cats" to spawn. Congrats. Did you manage to raise any fry? Also, what was that loud noise during the video? Sounds like you're next to a freeway or something. Cheers, Vien.
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