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  1. Thanks for these recommendations. The one on tech den seems the better option, but possibly down the track a little (although I couldn't see the power consumption in watts indicated anywhere). The one of aquaholics seemed a little bit power hungry given its only 100cm long... My tank is 120x40x40 btw...
  2. Thanks for those links. A lot of "out of stock" items. The LED lights seem great on power consumption, but hard to line up "like for like" in terms of brightness and water penetration when compared to fluorescents. Maybe I'll switch off one of my T5s, which gets me to 50W and maybe similar brightness to a 20-25W LED system, and wait for new product lines / specials / etc...
  3. Lighting my 4' freshwater tank, I've got 2 x SUN-LUX F54T5 10000K flourescent tubes. They at about 7 years old, still in good working order. I can't find out too much info about them, but I'm guessing they're a 54W tube. So my lighting, which is only for aquarium aesthetic, not growing plants, is probably 100-110W. As lighting goes, is this good / bad / average? Would equivalent LED lighting be a lot cheaper to run. If so, does anyone have any recommendations?
  4. OK, it'll take a little more planning, but it doesn't matter...
  5. Thanks Lictoga, Donny... I understand the point about having low-flow spots so certain fish can shelter from the current. Just wondering about the practicalities of achieving this using clams, and what the best types / availability of clams is in the Brisbane region... This sounds like a nice, natural solution...
  6. Thanks again. Every bit of advice is helpful. Would the idea be to try to create a type of "brickwork" using the clams? How do you prevent the clams themselves moving around in the current? What are the best type of clams for this purpose, and in the Brisbane area, where is the best place to source them?
  7. Thanks for your reply. What about reduced water current and "fish exercise", and dead spots, issues some people suggest are mitigated by a wavemaker / powerhead?
  8. I have a 4' / 200L freshwater community with the following inhabitants: * 1 x RTBS * 1 x Veiltail Betta * 15 x neon tetra * 6 x male guppies * 2 x corydoras julii * 2 x otocinclus It has been running for two months using pre-established gravel. Inhabitants have been added sporadically, and there has been no fish loss. Tank is unplanted, gravel substrate, plenty of driftwood. Current filtration is a 1000L/hr internal power filter using the ace venturi system, with 25% weekly water change. This approach seems to be holding water, so to speak. I've decided to move to an external canister (Eheim 2213), for a number of reasons, but mainly because the internal power filter is unsightly, awkward to clean (weekly), the venturi is loud, and the smallest bubbles it produces seem to stay in suspension and give the water a cloudy appearance. My concern is that the low water throughput of the Eheim compared to the internal power filter w/ venturi will result in reduced oxygenation of the water column, and reduced circulation of the water (around the heater etc). So it's taken a while, but I'm almost ready to ask a question. I wondered if one of those low power "wavemaker" style power heads would be an appropriate partner for the Eheim 2213. I realise these are not true wavemakers that you would use in a marine environment, rather a power head with a different diffusion pattern. Of that style of power head, the weakest I've seen is a 2000L/hr (2.5W) version. Using a regular power head, my understanding is that volume of throughput would be undesirably excessive for a 200L tank, but the "wavemaker" style power head apparently has more diffuse water disturbance characteristics. I also wonder how it could move 2000L/hr using only 2.5W. Does anyone have any experience using that style of power head in a 200L tropical tank, as an adjunct to an external canister filter? Would the type of water disturbance / circulation be helpful, or just overwhelming? There it was, a question...
  9. I have recently tried omega freeze-dried tubifex worms in my aquarium, for clown loaches, angelfish and rams. They seem to eat them, but I've not been overly impressed... only used a couple of little cubes on the side of the glass a couple of weeks ago and no more since. But I just gave my gravel a good vacuum and I found several live worms hiding in it... brown-orange coloured, and 2-3cm long. When I unearthed them, the rams and angels ate them (or tried to)... Is it possible these worms have somehow come from the omega freeze dried product? I've never seen them prior to using that product... but how would that be possible? Is it a problem? Will they infest the tank? How do I remove them? Do I need to? Should I do anything at all?
  10. Is there a mussel you can put in a tropical freshwater tank. Do they cohabitate with tropical fishes okay? Has anyone kept them before?
  11. I am after a few anubias plants that i can attach to some existing driftwood in my aquarium. The LFS only seem to have them already attached to driftwood. Anyone know if you can source them not attached?
  12. Thanks for all your help guys. At the risk of starting another flame war over on/off topic posts, can anyone tell me about reflectors? Do you normally need to buy a separate reflector when you buy a hood for the tank, or does the hood usually include the reflector built-in?
  13. while on the subject, does anyone recommend anywhere in Brisbane, in terms of pricing, for tanks / stands / setups etc?
  14. Thanks for the advice everyone. Problem is I already have the RTBS. I have heard that if you give them enough hiding spots that they "own", they will co-exist peacefully in community tanks. Hopefully this is true. Can anyone explain the purigen pouch with the AquaClear filter? Is it a separate product that just happens to fit in the AquaClear? Also, if anyone has any advice on lighting a 4ft aquarium, I'd be all ears.
  15. Thanks for the replies. I am planning on stocking the 4ft with a small school of cardinal tetras, a small school of praecox rainbows, a red-tailed black shark, possibly a pair of killifish and angelfish, and a small corydoras catfish.
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